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It’s the number of friends you have on social media and you know most of them in some way. There are colleagues on your list, cousins, friends, and people who don’t remember you actually met. You somehow connect to them all and you count them as more than friends. It’s always worth keeping in touch with them, like AJ Verdel’s new memoir “Miss Chloe”.

When her first novel was in the final stages before its release, AJ Verdel sent some valuable copies to credible sources, one of which was in a place she didn’t expect. Went: Author Toni Morrison got it, and publicly she said she liked the book.

For Verdel, this was one of the best moments of life. She grew up reading Morrison’s work-sometimes at an “too early” age-and knowing that her idol had read her book was more than Verdel could dream of.

What was even better was that the accidental encounter with this book turned into friendship.

Great writers encouraged Verdel’s writing activities, and they shared a deep love for language, laughing at wordplay. Morrison worked in the library when he was young. Verdel worked in the library and was a Princeton teacher. Morrison helped Beldel understand the best way to teach students at Princeton. Again, their love for books made it possible to deepen the bond between the two women.

Over the years, they shared lunch, a supper, and an “event in honor of her.” They talked “freely” about “blacks and black women and the history of blacks, and how we planned, planned and advanced.”

Still, their relationship wasn’t without problems. There were “2.5 spats,” says Verdel. Perhaps Morrison is cold, unfriendly, overly opinionative, lustful, and demanding.

“To be her friend, I needed to know Morrison’s entire work,” Verdel said. “If you become lame, she squints at you and fires you. She was strict. She had high standards. She did not suffer from fools. . “

Based on the affectionate name that author AJ Verdel called Toni Morrison from Morrison’s birth name, “Miss Chloe” is a pure and simple fan book. It’s beautifully written, a love letter to friendship and books and reading, and it’s a great peek into the lives of two writers – one up-and-coming. One, sadly, is gone.

Still, reading it is not without pain.

The three aspects that make this book good also make it hard to stay. Although Verdell’s words are impactful and graceful, her story tends to wander for a while before returning to individual points that can be offensive. When it comes to her friendship, Verdel is a little too enthusiastic to praise Morrison and her, even if Morrison is mean to her.

Overall, “Miss Chloe” is primarily aimed at Morrison fans and may appeal to some writers, especially those who write fiction for black women. For those who aren’t very interested in these things, this is a book to quit friends.

“Miss Chloe: A Memoirs of Literary Friendship with Toni Morrison,” AJ Verdel

c.2022, Amistad $ 27.99 360 pages

Book Review: “Miss Chloe” is a book for true Toni Morrison fans | Lifestyle

Source link Book Review: “Miss Chloe” is a book for true Toni Morrison fans | Lifestyle

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