Boater: Do not use fuel that could damage the engine and void the

Springfield, Virginia-The American Boat Owners Association (BoatUS) recently expressed concern about a proposal to ease or abolish the federal requirements for informing customers of the use of high-ethanol fuel in gasoline pumps. It may damage the vehicle and void the warranty.

In addition to warning consumers, the organization co-signed a letter to Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Elizabeth Dermot, addressing the “E15 Fuel Dispenser Labeling and Underground Storage Tank Compatibility Act” (EPA-HW-OAR-202-0448) And urged her to maintain the transparency of the fuel pump label.

“Ethanol manufacturers are pushing to blend more ethanol into the country’s fuel supply. To achieve that, consumers are on the roadside about the type of fuel that goes into the fuel tanks of their boats. The pumps aren’t well informed, “said David Kennedy, Government Manager at BoatUS.

“New marketing efforts to brand these banned 15% ethanol fuels as’normal 88’and promote them as low-cost alternative fuels while promoting federal regulation efforts to reduce and weaken pump warning labels. The scheme is an anti-consumer one-two-three punch that should not be tolerated. “

According to a 2020 Outdoor Power Equipment Institute survey, only 20% of drivers know that a “normal 88” or 88 octane fuel contains more ethanol than an 87 octane fuel.

The use of mixed fuels containing more than 10% ethanol in recreational boat engines, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and power units is not approved by EPA.

Machines not designed to use E15 fuel can damage the engine or fuel system if the wrong fuel is used, and the vehicle warranty will be voided if used in a marine engine.

“Go to a local gasolin stand that supplies a higher concentration of ethanol fuel and look for a warning label on the pump,” Kennedy adds.

“It’s often hidden or buried with a mountain of promotional signs. The EPA needs to help consumers choose the right fuel, displaying warning messages and more. Efforts to weaken misfueling mitigation programs, such as completely excluding references to 15% ethanol or removing label elements, should only address the interests of ethanol producers and boat riders who do harm. “

In addition to maintaining current labeling standards, BoatUS states that ideally, labeling of high ethanol fuel mixtures should be more prominent. Labeling fuel types is especially important as the EPA has increased the availability of E15 fuels throughout the United States, especially with the removal of summer restrictions on the sale of E15 fuels in 2019.

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Boater: Do not use fuel that could damage the engine and void the

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