Board still criticizes COVID policy

The School Kill Valley School Board Meeting on Monday night was a scene of more enthusiastic discussions about masks and COVID policies, some of which turned to personal ones.

The board voted 5-4 in January to make the mask optional, but on Monday parents still criticized the mask’s obligations, removing the plastic barrier from the dining room table, and wearing the mask. Requested that posters encouraging social distance be removed from the school corridor.

The parent of the Ontelony Township, named only Daniel, was accused of requiring the students to wear masks to protect the older generation by a committee of moral cowards.

He also criticized board members who voted to maintain the mask’s mission in January for not wearing the mask at the meeting on Monday.

Board member Linda R. Rush replied that she was wearing a mask in crowded areas and grocery stores to protect her granddaughter with lung problems.

“Your situation is different from mine,” Rush said. “But here I feel safe. When I go to the National Honor Society basketball game, I see me wearing a mask.”

Daniel said he had a 7th grade daughter at School Kill Valley Middle School.

He transferred his sophomore son to a private school due to mask requirements, but is considering returning to School Kill Valley if the mask remains an option.

Last week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowed all schools in “low-risk” counties, including Burks, to make masks an option. Guidance was given amid a decline in COVID cases in most parts of the country, and Burkes specifically confirmed that cases plummeted to less than 5% of the January Omicron peak.

The Board also voted on Monday to remove references to the district’s health and safety plan from the agenda of the March meeting.

In other businesses, the board unanimously voted in favor of refinancing more than $ 5 million in bonds.

The bonds issued in 2014 were for various construction projects.

Chairman David E. According to Moll, the school district saved $ 100,000 as interest rates fell as a result of refinancing.

Board still criticizes COVID policy

Source link Board still criticizes COVID policy

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