Blue Mountain Board of Education reviews athletics funding

At the Blue Mountain School Board meeting on February 24, sports funding options were on the agenda. Board member David Lafko asked if the school district should contribute to a team that wins a state or national championship location.

Such funding was discontinued 10 years ago due to budget cuts. For some sports, coaches were provided with scholarships and a fixed amount was paid to each participating student to cover food and accommodation.

“There is always a fairness issue,” said director Dr. David H. Helsel. “Every sport is different and every sport has different operating costs.”

Dr. Tim Groube agreed.

“If we decide to support funding for these programs, it must be totally fair funding,” Groove said.

Booster clubs are the primary source of funding, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, many school teams have had little funding capacity for the past two years. Another source of income is the game store that accompanies the sale of apparel.

“Some sports have more funding opportunities than others,” Rafco said. “Both bands and soccer have their own kiosk to raise money, but golf, tennis, etc. do not.”

The Board has agreed to consider the costs and income generated by each sport individually and to consider financing options.

The district provides transportation and contributes to the uniform cost of all student athletes and band members.

Schuylkill Technology Center

The Board has approved the Schuylkill Technology Center’s 2022-23 budget of $ 8.4 million. The cost of the school district is $ 869,667.

Director David H. Dr. Helsel shared the registration procedure at the center. According to Hellsel, some seats remain vacant while students are on the waiting list. Director Roy Heim, CEO of STC’s Board of Directors, agreed to investigate this issue.

High school principal Eric Schaeffer commended two semester students from the STC. Brayden Bahm, a sophomore in the welding program, was recognized for his overall achievements in shops, volunteering, and improvement. He is a member of Skills USA. He will attend Pentech upon his graduation.

Austin Bolton, a junior in the beauty program, was recognized for his creativity and personal growth. He will work in the salon after graduation.

Heim and Director Michelle Besai have been identified as representatives of the Intermediate Unit and STC.

Other businesses

High school and junior high school managers have updated the board with new dress code revisions and how students are adapting to the changes. Eleven violations were reported in the first month, most of which were short tops and torn jeans.

Julia Calestia, head of the Blue Mountain High School Student Organization, has updated the council on Leo club funding efforts. This includes pet food drives that benefit the local SPCA and heart health contests that support the American Heart Association.

At the board meeting last week, Austin Harms of Fidevia Construction updated the board on the progress of the construction of the West Elementary School. As of mid-February, the deck on the second floor was poured, the roof was raised, and the bricks on the outside were being worked on.


Matt Bertschy, a technical support specialist at the Hamburg Area School District, has been hired as Technical Director, starting with the release of his current employer. Bertschy spent 15 years in Hamburg. His contract at Blue Mountain lasts until June 30, 2026.

The retirement letter was accepted by Howard Sims (BMSD Head Custodian) and Audrey Faust (BMEE Custodian). The Board has accepted an end-of-service letter from Janice Maher, BMEE’s long-term agent. Karen Faust and Aiden Fogarty have been approved as surrogate custodians.

The board voted to accept the resignations of Robert Van Horn and Michael Mansell as assistant football coaches on February 14.

The board has approved the hiring of Kevin Carstetter and Steve Zimmerman as football assistant coaches. Benjamin Ney and Leslie Gummer have also been approved as tennis assistant coaches.

The next committee of the full meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 17, and the regular board meeting is scheduled for March 24.

Blue Mountain Board of Education reviews athletics funding

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