Blessings are in your future

In the East Village area of ​​Flint, Michigan, a boy was born without a right hand in the mid-1960s. But as he grew up, he refused to make his limits think of Dovehole as “odds are against me” and “I settle down here.” So the boy decided to ignore his disability.

Sometimes, when things go wrong or we encounter a challenge, we may want to go to our room and hide. It’s easy to come up with excuses, fall into despair, and settle for the next best thing.

But not this boy. No matter what he faced, this young man pursued the dream of his heart.

As a child, boys liked playing sports, especially baseball. Due diligence led him to develop extraordinary hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. This allowed the boy to do what the other person did with both hands with one hand. He was diligent, diligent, relentlessly trained, and pretended to be his favorite pitcher.

In elementary school, the boy played Little League. People will tell him that his playing day will probably end there. Nevertheless, the youth ignored the skeptics. Also, the boy did not pay attention to the critics. Rather, he used his keen heart to imagine himself becoming a successful athlete.

Every day the boy planned. He believed, dreamed, and he allowed his imagination to bring him new insights and ideas. In addition, the boy chose to take action and stick to his dreams. And his belief, spiritual toughness, and tenacity won.

Jim Abbott has been successful in pitching baseball in Major League Baseball. In an interview, Abbott said: You have nothing to do with the obstacle, ignore it. If it fails, please stand up and try again. There is no excuse. “

And now Jim Abbott is an exciting role model for people all over the world.

In some way, the odds may oppose you. But do you make you talk from your situation living the life of your dreams?

If you don’t give up, what happens is amazing. A soldier who is about to be redeployed writes, “It’s an old saying, but it’s true. If you believe in God and yourself, you can do anything.”

So don’t calm down, give up, or stop pursuing your dreams. God has not finished the wonderful plan he has for you. In our house, we like to decorate with fresh flowers and plants. But last week I was sick for 5 days and didn’t mind, so when I saw the flowers, it looked like they had died. Still, all that was needed was a small amount of water and plant food, and the flowers and plants quickly revived.

Similarly, your dream may have been dormant for a while. But like the flowers in my house, your dreams can come back to life. There are many more possibilities in the future. God wants you to move forward. So, with new power and faithful efforts, hold God’s hand and declare:

  • “I will not stop.”
  • “never give up.”
  • “I will push through and become everything that God wants to be me.”

With God, the possibilities are endless. So believe in God’s good plan for your life, be confident in yourself and your bright future, and continue to follow your desires.

God is telling you today. “Behold, I have put an open door in front of you that no one can close …” (Revelation 3: 8).

And do your best! “If you entrust your actions to the Lord, your plan will succeed.” (Proverbs 16: 3) Your time for happiness and success is just around the corner.

It may have been knocked down. Still, you need to get up again. God will change your situation and give you another chance.

Your goal may not have happened yet. But keep looking for new opportunities. Then it will happen soon.

You may have been turned down because of your position. Please do your best and do your best. One day recently, another person with a new attitude can steer and offer you the job of your dreams.

Obstacles may be on your way. Nevertheless, I refuse to quit. continue. You will soon find a way around them, and you will win. Otherwise you may have been wrong. Leave the unfair situation and move forward with elegance and dignity. Your days to come will be filled with new friends, exciting experiences, and unlimited joy.

In the Bible, it describes David’s life. He was a simple shepherd boy. Each year, David worked in a field that took care of his father’s sheep. David’s journey was difficult. it took time. Still, David did his best. All the while, the complex hands of God’s grace were working. Because God had prepared David for his purpose. And at the appointed time, David became king of Israel.

Just as God has made a big plan for David, God has a big plan for you. And likewise, your challenge may actually be an opportunity to push you to exciting, newly found places.

At a dance recital a while back, my daughter was doing a tap routine on stage. Surprisingly, the music was suddenly skipped in the middle of her routine. I was sitting on the right side of the stage, so my daughter started looking at me.

When our eyes met, she seemed to ask, “What are you going to do next?” Immediately, I smiled, nodded enthusiastically, and clap my hands to say, “Continue …”. Despite her uncontrollable difficulties, my daughter continued to dance.

And with confidence, she finished her routine.

So let’s make it my encouragement to you today: “Continue!” There is a special blessing in your future. Play your role … and God will do the rest!

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Blessings are in your future

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