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Jasmine Jones had just transferred to Rowan University as a sophomore when he said he had experienced racial intimidation two years ago.

“A white student introduced a group of friends I was with … in N-word,” she said.

Jones, a black man and now a senior law and judicial major, also said white students tried to incite a violent reaction from her. “I refused,” she said.

She said she had reported the incident to university officials, but after several interviews, after several interviews, including her father, she finally found the university’s diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness. We do not guarantee an investigation informed that the incident has occurred by Moniz Princils, Vice President of the Department of.

“They didn’t even investigate the situation, but that’s a problem for me,” she said, adding that it made her more involved on campus and eventually became chairman of Rowan’s NAACP branch. rice field. Her organization sponsored the “Black Students Matter” rally on Thursday at the Glasboro campus, with an estimated 200 attendees.

“The main purpose and goal of this rally is to raise awareness of examples like me,” she said. “”[The] The administration has the idea that the campus is fine and they don’t know it, so we need to wake them up and let them know what’s going on. “

Her father is Terence Jones, the founder and executive director of the Total Justice Project, a non-profit organization advocating changes to the criminal justice system. Jasmine Jones is the White House Chief of Staff of the organization. He sat down in an interview with his daughter’s college official, stating that it was a traumatic experience for her and that she had to relive the incident each time.

“It’s just where I’m tired,” he said. “Probably after the sixth interview [I] “Hey, you’re not going to interview her anymore,” he said.

Terrence Jones said he had begun to file complaints with the university.

“They came to the conclusion that my daughter’s complaint was substantiated,” he said. “But that’s almost two years later.”

Terrence Jones added that this was not the only case of discrimination on campus.

“The students I interviewed stopped and talked actively about other racial things like the police and such things,” he said. “They felt racially profiled.”

College spokesman Joe Cardona said he couldn’t talk specifically about Jones’ case, but admitted that in the past “things were disjointed.”

“It depended on whether you reported it in one place, it may not have achieved it completely through the system,” he said.

According to Cardona, the university takes all cases of discrimination very seriously and the reporting system has improved in recent years.

“We have worked with many student groups on a variety of issues over the last few years, especially last year, and we welcome this,” Cardona added.

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“Black Student Issues” Rally Calls Discrimination at Rowan University | States and Regions

Source link “Black Student Issues” Rally Calls Discrimination at Rowan University | States and Regions

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