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LANSDALE — A state bill that names parts of the local after the passage of local legends.

Governor Tom Wolfe signed House Building 1560 and named part of North Broad Street Dr. Frank Aardman Boston Memorial Highway.

“Dr. Boston’s name is becoming synonymous with public services, and it’s appropriate to specify the streets in honor of him,” said George Whitehair, Managing Director of the Boston Legacy Foundation.

“Only individuals who provide” extraordinary public services or exemplary contributions “to the general public and who are involved in the community in which the highway is located can and should be respected. That’s the case with our own DocBoston — which will soon be a national hero, “he said.

The Memorial to Dr. Frank Boston will be found in 2021 at the intersection of Broad Street and Seventh Street in Landsdale. (DanSokil – MediaNews Group)

Dr. Frank E. Boston was a black doctor Born in Philadelphia in 1891He then served in France in the United States Army during World War I and returned to settle in Philadelphia. Established the current Jefferson Landsdale Hospital Lansdale Volunteer Medical Services Corps. From 2020Non-profit organization “Dr. Frank E. Boston Legacy Foundation” It was founded to tell the story of Boston and promote the honor of recognizing its impact on the community. Recent achievements include Ceremony in Washington, DC in late May When Portrait presented at the current hospital The beginning of the month.

Announced by the Foundation last fall The Pennsylvania Senate is considering a bill to name parts of North Broad Street, near Lansdale and Hatfield, and the hospital he found, named after Boston and marked PennDOT as such. Instructed to establish and maintain. The bill was formally signed by Governor Tom Wolfe on Tuesday, with state senators Bob Mensh (R-24) and Maria Collet (D-12) and state legislator Steve Malagari (D-53). The ceremony attended by was held in Harrisburg. Napoleon Nelson (D-154th) and Todd Stevens (T-15 1st) have approved the bill.

“The capital is a very beautiful place to see and visit and we are delighted that our efforts have come true. It is very nice to see how this project has grown.” Said White Hair.

Dr. Frank E. Boston

Courtesy of the Boston Legacy Foundation,

Dr. Frank E. Boston

In a joint statement, Colette and Mensh added their congratulations and appreciation to Boston’s supporters.

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Boston Legacy Foundation and its community partners, Dr. Boston’s work has been widely recognized, and this unsung pioneer has finally received the praise he deserves,” Colette said. increase.

“We are very grateful. All the representatives of Lansdale here today are very grateful for the fact that we are now naming the Boston Highway, as it is.” Mensh added.

Guests of the ceremony in Harrisburg were Khoi and Heather Pham, artists and writers. “Doc Boston Adventures” comics Together with other Foundation members, he depicts a historic doctor for a modern audience.Each was recognized by Collet in her Floor remarks Announce the bill and call for the group’s “warm Senate welcome”.

“It’s all just a glimpse of Dr. Boston’s many achievements and his legacy. Thanks to my guests and the Boston Legacy Foundation, Dr. Boston’s fascinating and inspiring life story is in the shadow of history. I was struck, “she said.

The Foundation’s next step is a ceremony to receive the US flag flying over the Pentagon, secure it in collaboration with the VMSC found by Boston, and PennDOT will create and install road signs, and Find historic signs Recognize Boston in the hospital area. For more information on the Boston Legacy Foundation, please visit: www.bostonlegacyfoundation.orgSearch for “Dr. Frank E. Boston on Facebook” Or email

Bill signed to name part of Broad Street after Dr. Frank Boston – thereporteronline

Source link Bill signed to name part of Broad Street after Dr. Frank Boston – thereporteronline

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