Big Ten Conference Day: Pennsylvania State University Accepts Wisconsin Opening Challenge Franklin

The Pennsylvania State University countdown clock has been backed up and up and running for some time in preparation for the opening round on September 4. There is nothing new there.

But if that first opponent happens to be Wisconsin, who could be the top 10 team in the preseason, the watch looks a little different.

“There is a countdown clock on-site every year,” said James Franklin, coach of Nitani Lions, on Thursday’s Big Ten Media Day. “But we have to admit that the Wisconsin logo is there. I think we really raised the bar for our people. And they are ready for us to go. I understand. The first kick of the first game of the season will play against a tremendous opponent. “

It also doesn’t help that the game is played at Madison’s intimidating Camp Randall Stadium. Camp Randall Stadium has a green light from state authorities and is welcoming a full crowd.

According to the very early betting line of the 2021 season, Pennsylvania State University is backed by 10 out of 12 games. However, badgers have opened as a five-point favorite in several places to Lions, who are also vulnerable to travel to Ohio.

If Pennsylvania State University didn’t hit the ruin spiral a year ago after starting its schedule with a guts punch overtime loss in Indiana, the Wisconsin game bet would probably not seem so dramatic. .. It eventually turned into the worst program start in history at 0-5. This is the first time in college football history that the team has lost its first five games in a season ranked in the top ten.

On this year’s schedule, MAC Champion Ball State and the new-looking Auburn team will be coming to Happy Valley shortly after their trip to Madison.

For Lions, they can’t afford to think of another rough start outlook.

Wide receiver Jahan Dotson said he was the most brilliant star of the 0-5 freefall at Pennsylvania State University last year and is enjoying the opportunity to face badgers soon.

“I love you. In a media day Big Ten Network report from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Dotson said,” I don’t feel as good as the first week of playing against a team like Wisconsin.

“We know we have to come to work. We know that participating in it is a big challenge. A great opportunity to grow as a team and show what we are made of. is.”

PSU vaccinated over 70%

Franklin is one of the strongest supporters of COVID-19 vaccination. He said Thursday that he finally returned to normal life when he reunited with his family last month after essentially 14 months away to protect his youngest daughter, Addison, who suffers from sickle cell disease and is at high risk for coronavirus. Stated.

He told reporters in Indianapolis that the team is currently vaccinated with “more than 70%”.

But …

“I won’t be happy until the staff and players are 100%,” Franklin said. “… I understand that fewer people will not be vaccinated.”

That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop pushing as many people as possible to get a shot.

“That’s something we take very seriously not only in our homes, but also in our community,” Franklin said. “And I challenge people, whether you fully agree with it or not, you’re probably making a sacrifice for others who don’t have that choice, so Pennsylvania State I take it very seriously at university and I know it will be at meetings. “

Three athletes who took Franklin to Indianapolis, Dotson, Tarik Elyounous, and PJ Mustiper, said they were all vaccinated, and Mustiper told reporters to vaccinate all teammates as well. He said he recommended it.

Recommended before the season

Big Ten itself does not hold official pre-season voting with awards like other leagues, and chooses to nominate five outstanding “notable players” from each category.

Dotson made cuts in the east and joined Indian quarterback Michael Penix Jr. and Ohio State University tackle Sayremanford and wideout Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson.

Western honors were Tyler Linderbaum of the Iowa Center, Mohamei Brahim of Minnesota, Safety Brandon Joseph of the Northwest, David Bell, the receiver of Proud, and Jack Samborn, the linebacker of Wisconsin.

As always, voted for media members in Big Ten to ask for the expected finish for each sector.

Not surprisingly, Ohio dominated the east and won all 34 possible first-place votes with 238 points.

However, conference media members chose the Lions second in the order of Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Rutgers University, and Michigan State University, making Penn State University’s 4-5 finish last year unusual. I considered it.

Pennsylvania State University received 23 votes, compared to 11 in Indiana.

Wisconsin was set up as a huge hit in the west and won 29 votes. Iowa received the other five and finished second in the poll.

After that, all but one voter chose Buckeyes to win the Big Ten Championship Game, and the only opponent chose the badger.

The panel included at least one beatwriter from all 14 teams in the conference and a small number of reporters nationwide and throughout the league.

The Ohio State University has been voted a pre-season favorite in six of the last eight seasons by voting. Since Pennsylvania State University achieved a feat in 2016, The Birth of The Birth has won four consecutive Big Ten Crowns.

Whiteout set

This fall, two marquee home games (September 18th against Auburn and November 13th against Michigan) were asked which contest would be treated as a complete whiteout.

Technically, the answer is Auburn. But in reality it can be both.

Pennsylvania State University announced Game Day themes for each of its seven home dates on Wednesday, and the long-awaited Night Game vs. Tigers received official whiteout designations.

A Michigan game with no kick-off time yet was called the “Student Section” whiteout. But hey, college won’t stop everyone from appearing white.

Pennsylvania State University is also reviving the October 2 game “Striped Out” with Indiana, where alternating sections of Beaver Stadium wear all blue and all white.

Lions will return to an alternative “Generations of Greatness” kit for homecoming games with Illinois on October 23. The November 20th Finale vs. Rutgers will serve as an annual military appreciation game in addition to the Senior Day celebrations.

The home opener for Ball State University on September 11 was called the “107k Family Reunion” and showed that full capacity had returned to the stadium after the 2020 season when played without fans who were not family members of players or staff. I will.

Pennsylvania State University’s annual Thon fundraiser to help children with cancer will be central to the match against Villanova on September 25th.

Big Ten Conference Day: Pennsylvania State University Accepts Wisconsin Opening Challenge Franklin

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