Biden’s Trust Buster Streak Continues with Canter Pick

With the help of Leah Nailen

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— Kanter has won the top job in DOJ’s Antitrust Law. The White House’s choice for the Department of Justice’s best trusted posts is the latest in the Progressivist line.

— Return to FTC for more information: At its second meeting this month, Commissioners are planning a vote that could prevent tech giants from buying promising start-ups.

— Look under the digital hood: Leaked draft text can frustrate some fans of fiber optic broadband as the Senate prepares for an important procedural vote on its large infrastructure compromise.

Is it only Wednesday? John Handel here is dizzy from nominations and broadband tactics.And thanks to one Amazon founder’s space flight, I can’t Put this song out of your head..

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IT’S KANTER — Finally, the White House has announced the election of the DOJ Antitrust Chief: Progressive Favorite Jonathan Canter. (Emily and Leah A complete summary of antitrust supporters‘Uplifting achievement Wu & Khan & Canter Trifector).

This is very bad news for Google.. 47-year-old Kanter has been involved in antitrust battles with search giants until 2007, when Google acquired advertising technology company DoubleClick.He was Key figures in FTC’s 2012 Antimonopoly Act investigation against Google, He represented Microsoft. And he’s been with Google critics (Yelp, News Corp., Mapbox, etc.) as clients for years.

This is bad news for Apple as well. His work at Google is his most famous, but Canter also represents some Apple critics like the Coalition for App Fairness and the antitrust law used against it. Helped develop the discussion. Canter split up with former law firm Paul Weiss over Apple.When the company poached Karen Dunn and Bill Isaacson, top antitrust lawsuits from last year’s Boies SchillerThe duo brought their Apple work together, leading to legal conflicts that required the departure of Canter. The DOJ’s antitrust department has been investigating Apple for almost two years and is approaching a decision on whether to file a proceeding.

Expect the accusations of conflicts of interest to fly. Just as Amazon and Facebook tried to disqualify FTC Chair Lina Khan, Google and Apple certainly try to knock out Canter from the case. Both the White House and the Justice Department refused to comment on ethical issues, but controversial people believe that the canter nomination itself is the government’s belief that ethical exemptions can resolve concerns. Said showing.

FTC to vote for merger settlement reform — Khan’s FTC will vote today to withdraw Clinton’s era policy, which was restricted when companies had to seek pre-approval of the merger.

— — History class: In 1986, FTC fought Coca-Cola over a proposed merger with Dr. Pepper. Federal Judges Support FTC, Soda company has stopped it.. But that wasn’t the end. For seven years, FTC and Coke have argued over whether the agency can let the soda giant know in advance about future deals.Bill Clinton’s FTC settled the proceedings in 1995 and within a few months Adopted new policy statement Gives an overview of “limited situations” that require advance notice or stricter prior approval.

— Stephen Calkins, FTC’s Corporate Lawyer and Statement Author in 1995, Lear told Lear that the agency still has the right to request prior notice or approval in the settlement, so there is no need to technically abolish the statement. However, in reality, that power is rarely used...

— — What does abolition mean: If the agency discontinues the policy, prior notice or approval may be required as a condition of the transaction requiring a consent decree. It may lead companies to hesitate to settle. Calkins now acknowledges that the FTC required a 10-year notice or approval clause. This is mainly because the company did not consider the matter to be litigation — until the Coke case.

In abolishing the statement, the FTC may cite abandoned $ 1.7 billion transactions Last week between Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company and Dominion Energy. In 1995, the agency Blocked the same proposed combination of natural gas pipelines In Salt Lake City, Utah. If the pre-approval clause had been adopted, the agency may not have had to undergo a complete “review” of the transaction.

Tap today too: “Right to repair”. The FTC expects to issue a policy statement on allowing consumers to bypass manufacturers for product repairs. This is a problem that affects everyone, from farmers trying to repair their equipment to consumers who want to go to a small repair shop instead of Apple’s Genius Bar to repair a cracked iPhone screen. FTC Told Congress in May May undertake rule-making to clarify when repair restrictions violate the law — White House rules Executive order on competition It also encouraged FTC to adopt it.

Nothing has been said yet about what the policy statement saysThe FTC has no plans to issue anything until today’s vote is over.

And please be careful? Advocates are lined up to ask the FTC to undertake the goals of their choice. Restaurant protection, an initiative from antitrust groups, Ask Kang to investigate Major Food Delivery Apps, Wholesalers-National Association of Distributors I want to scrutinize more How Third Party Sellers Pay Fares On Amazon Raise similar e-commerce concerns With the General Procurement Bureau).

Broadband details leaked prior to infrastructure vote — Today’s Senate procedural vote on whether to start considering infrastructure transactions tests how Senators feel about it (Current mood: Well). But the leaked legislative draft on page 154, Announced by MT host For Tuesday pros, at least a Senate negotiator will get a glimpse of how the package-provided broadband investment will make up $ 65 billion.

— Draft could fuel new support from consumer groups Instead, anyone who wants to build ultra-fast fiber optics to choose to lower the broadband minimum speed threshold (20 Mbps uploads and 100 megabits per second download will go to the Ministry of Commerce). Considered a “insufficient service” for $ 40 billion (less than the state grant, the minimum fiber optic focus that some Democrats wanted).

–Catch: Drafts are just drafts. It may not be the last word of broadband. For example, this page does not cover the funding of USDA’s local broadband programs, and policy makers may still be working on affordable provisions. (In the draft, the proposed “low cost broadband option” remains undefined.)

— Another tip: Biggers like AT & T wanted Congress to rethink the FCC subsidy model significantly, but the draft shows that the Senate is at least looking at change. The language will report to Congress within nine months about including broadband in its Universal Service mission, including recommendations on how Congress can help.

MEANWHILE: Cheat sheet for technical invoices on the move — Be patient, the House of Representatives is back on the boat road of technology and telecom movements before the planned August break.

— House Energy and Commerce Committee collected votes Today about 8 wireless security and 5G open RAN bills.They are mainly bipartisan issues, but be careful Fix..

— House passed five telecommunications measures on TuesdayIncludes a bill aimed at allowing you to retain your phone number after a disaster.This is break down..

— And the Chamber of Commerce also cleared the bill by 221-205 Restore FTC’s consumer protection and Emily reports.. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court overridden the institution’s ability to seek financial relief from companies deceiving consumers. Your move, Senate!

TECH QUOTE DU JOUR — Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, following him Journey to space: “I would like to thank all Amazon employees and all Amazon customers, because you paid for all this.”

Digital rights activist Danny O’Brien, Former member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a senior fellow at the Filecoin Foundation … Copyright Registration Shira Perlmutter’s name David Carson, Monica McCabe And Blood Newberg As the person responsible for copyright infringement claims of the new Copyright Infringement Claims Committee … FCC Become a partner With 11 federal, state, and local agencies scrutinizing the delivery of wireless emergency alerts during the planned August 11 test … Knight Foundation Announced $ 5.5 Million Grant To support research on online speech and liability issues, including grants to Harvard University Burkeman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Joint center And that Lincoln network Person in charge Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) And Young kim (R-Calif.) Lead now Congress App Challenge.

Dull considerations: Activists want Amazon to put lobbying muscles behind cannabis advocacy, POLITICO writes..

Money movement: Venmo tweaks its privacy-focused design TechCrunch Report..

AT & T Advertising Technology Fire Sale: “According to sources [the ad tech unit is] It loses tens of millions of people each year and is terribly under-managed. ” Every Axios..

Can I get a privacy shield here? Commerce officials say the United States wants transatlantic privacy deals, statistics, Via POLITICO Pro..

Five National Landing Bars: AT & T and JBG Smith start up 5G “smart city” where Amazon is establishing a new office.

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Biden’s Trust Buster Streak Continues with Canter Pick

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