Biden visits Philadelphia today to celebrate Amtrak and promote drastic infrastructure planning | Local News

Amtrak’s renowned fan, President Joe Biden, will come to Philadelphia on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of rail services and promote his radical infrastructure plans.

He will speak at 30th Street Station in West Philadelphia. Remarks will begin at 2:30.

This event is one of a series of regular travel suspensions commemorating Biden’s 100th anniversary. At the heart of the tour that took him to Atlanta and Vice President Kamala Harris to Baltimore on Thursday was to significantly expand the US social safety net and provide more resources for public education. There is Biden’s proposal to offer and invest heavily in infrastructure and green energy.

Two packages containing these proposals, the American Families Plan, which focuses on social programs, and the American Jobs Plan, which focuses on infrastructure, combine in addition to the nearly $ 2 trillion coronavirus bailout bill passed by Congress. It costs over $ 4 trillion. , And Biden signed in March.

Overall, it showed an almost unprecedented path to public spending in modern history, leading many observers to compare Biden’s platform to the New Deal.

Fully announced on Wednesday, family planning goes to a universal kindergarten in an effort to increase affordability for childcare, create a federal paid leave program, and provide universal free community college options. Included a payment proposal. We also aim to extend the child tax credit included in the March COVID-19 relief package for another four years.

Infrastructure plans include $ 200 billion for the construction and improvement of affordable homes, clean energy and domestic manufacturing subsidies, and 20,000 miles of road upgrades and 10,000 bridge repairs. I will.

The president said he wanted to pay for dozens of initiatives by shifting the tax burden to the wealthiest Americans. We will raise the marginal income tax rate for the top 1% of income earners from 37% to 39.6% and raise taxes on capital gains and income from stock dividends for those who earn more than $ 1 million annually. By raising the corporate income tax from 21% to 28%. And by forcing companies doing business in the United States and abroad to pay more taxes on profits from other countries.

Biden proposed a plan to the joint session of the United States on Wednesday night, calling his work plan “a blue-collar blueprint for building America” ​​and his drastic spending with a rhetoric in favor of the union. Expressed a proposal.

“Good man and woman [are] It was on Wall Street, but Wall Street didn’t build this country, “he added. “The middle class built the country and the union built the middle class.”

He also appealed to racial justice on Wednesday night, “eradicating systematic racism in our criminal justice system and enacting police reform in the name of George Floyd, who has already passed the House of Representatives.” I urged Congress to act.

Republicans, who are a minority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which is closely divided, have accused Biden of spending proposals as a non-starter. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott believes in the party’s official response to Biden that issues such as road and bridge repairs have something in common, but he hears frequent GOP discussions. Tilt. It is beyond the specified range.

“Less than 6% of the president’s plans go to roads and bridges,” he said. “This is a list of liberal wishes for big government waste. In addition, the biggest murder tax hike in a generation.”

More moderate Republicans, such as Utah Senator Mitt Romney and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, also said they were concerned about what they saw as a lack of spending and transpartisanness. And West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, one of the most conservative members of his caucuses, frequently criticized spending wipes out, saying “the devil is in the details.” It is said that it was.

In Pennsylvania, Republican reactions were similar — Republican lawmaker Dan Muser called the proposal “a list of extreme left-wing policy hopes that would raise taxes, curb economic growth, and increase American reliance on government.” Called — but the Democrats enthusiastically greeted Biden’s policies.

In response to the announcement of American family planning, Governor Tom Wolf said, “We will make significant investments in the American people and pave the way for a sustainable and equitable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.” ..

“President Biden, thank you for putting the needs of working individuals and families first,” he concluded.

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Biden visits Philadelphia today to celebrate Amtrak and promote drastic infrastructure planning | Local News

Source link Biden visits Philadelphia today to celebrate Amtrak and promote drastic infrastructure planning | Local News

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