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Germany, Elmau (AP) —President Joe Biden and his Western allies aim to prevent economic collapse from the war in Ukraine by breaking a global coalition working to punish Russia’s invasion As a result, we held a three-day summit in the Bavarian Alps on Sunday. Britain’s Boris Johnson warned leaders not to succumb to “fatigue” even if Russia launched a new missile in Kyiv.

Leaders were to announce a new ban on Russia’s gold imports. This is the latest in a series of sanctions that democratic clubs want to further isolate Russia economically. They were also considering possible price limits for energy intended to limit the profits of Russian oil and gas that Moscow could put into war effort.

According to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, Russia launched its first missile attack on the Ukrainian capital in three weeks in a pre-summit military show of force, attacking at least two homes.

Biden denounced Russia’s actions as “many of their barbarism,” and emphasized the need for allies to remain solid, even if the economic repercussions of the war hit the world.

“President Putin had expected NATO and the G7 to split from the beginning, so we must be together. Germany’s Olaf, who is the replacement president of the G7 and is hosting the rally. Meeting with Prime Minister Olaf Scholz.

When the G7 leaders sat down at the opening session of the summit on Sunday, they made a carefree jab with Putin. Johnson could hear a voice asking if he should keep his jacket on, adding that “we all have to show that we are tougher than Putin.” Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau added, “naked chest riding.”

Trudeau’s plunge was a reference to the Kremlin’s release of several photographs during the years when Russian leaders were shirtless.

Biden and his counterparts used this rally to discuss how to secure energy supplies and tackle inflation caused by the fallout of the war. Leaders have also gathered in a new global infrastructure partnership aimed at providing an alternative to Russian and Chinese investment in developing countries.

Schortz told Biden that the “good message” was “Putin’s unexpected, all of us staying united.”

“We can’t get this aggression into the form it has and avoid it,” Biden added.

Faced with domestic and international criticism, recognizing that he is hesitant to send Ukrainian heavy weapons, Schortz said, “Germany and the United States will always cooperate on security issues in Ukraine.” rice field.

As part of him, Johnson urged fellow leaders not to give in to “fatigue.” He expressed his concern that the pro-Ukrainian alliance could be divided as his four-month-old war progressed.

Asked if France and Germany seem to be functioning well, Johnson praised Germany’s “great progress” in arming Ukraine and reducing Russia’s gas imports. He did not mention France.

Biden and Schortz agreed on the need to end the negotiations on the Ukrainian War, but did not give details on how to achieve it, requesting anonymity and revealing details of personal conversations of the Biden administration. A senior official said.

However, they did not have extensive discussions on oil price caps and inflation, officials who demanded anonymity to reveal details of personal conversations said.

Other leaders repeatedly praised Biden for the unity of the coalition.

The head of the European Union’s government council said that the 27-member block maintains “unwavering unity” in supporting Ukraine with financial and political support for Russia’s aggression, but “Ukraine. Need more and we promise to offer more. “

European Council President Charles Michel said that the EU government has “more military support, more financial support” to enable Ukraine to protect itself and “suppress Russia’s war capacity.” He said he was ready to provide “means, and more political support.”

The EU has imposed six sanctions on Russia. The latest sanctions are to ban 90% of Russia’s crude oil imports by the end of the year. This measure targets the Kremlin’s financial, oil and gas revenue pillars.

Biden and leaders of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the EU discussed the impact of the war on the global economy and infrastructure, including inflation, both formal and informally on Sunday.

Mr Biden, who arrived in Germany early on Sunday, said G7 countries, including the United States, would ban gold imports from Russia. A formal announcement was scheduled for Tuesday as leaders hold their annual summit.

A senior Biden administration official said gold is Moscow’s second-largest export after energy, and banning such imports would make it more difficult for Russia to enter the global market. Officials discussed details prior to the announcement, subject to anonymity.

The ban “attacks Russia’s oligarchs directly and attacks Putin’s center of war machinery,” Johnson said.

“Putin is wasting his diminishing resources in this meaningless and barbaric war. He is bankrolling his ego at the expense of both Ukrainians and Russians,” Johnson said. rice field. “We need to starve the Putin administration’s money.”

According to the White House, gold is Russia’s largest export after energy in recent years, reaching about $ 19 billion in 2020, or about 5% of the world’s gold exports.

Of Russia’s gold exports, 90% were outsourced to G7 countries. Over 90% of these exports, or nearly $ 17 billion, were exported to the United Kingdom. The United States imported less than $ 200 million in gold from Russia in 2019 and less than $ 1 million in 2020 and 2021.

Regarding the idea of ​​energy price caps, Michelle said: If such measures were to be taken by the group, the consequences. “

Leaders were also set up to discuss how to maintain their commitment to combat climate change while resolving the critical energy supply needs brought about by the war.

“We will not undermine our climate change efforts,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for Biden’s National Security Council, when the president flew to Germany.

Biden will also formally launch a global infrastructure partnership designed to counter China’s influence in developing countries. He named it “Build Back Better World” and introduced the program at last year’s G7 Summit.

Biden and other leaders will announce the first project to benefit from what the United States considers to be an “alternative to an infrastructure model that sells debt traps to low- and middle-income partners,” Kirby said. rice field. The project should also help advance US economic competitiveness and our national security, “he said.

After the G7 Summit ends on Tuesday, Biden will travel to Madrid for the summit of NATO’s 30-member leaders to coordinate their war strategy in Ukraine.


Superville was reported by Telfs, Austria, and Morson was reported by Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. London Associated Press author Jill Lawless and German Elmau Gaia Morson contributed to this report.

Biden urges Ukraine to unite in the West in the fatigue of war – thereporteronline

Source link Biden urges Ukraine to unite in the West in the fatigue of war – thereporteronline

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