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Washington (AP) — Faced with domestic anxiety and danger abroad, President Joe Biden aims to get the country out of the pandemic, restart the deadlocked domestic agenda, and confront the country. The first State of the Union address will be given at a sudden moment. Russian invasion.

The Tuesday night speech was initially devised by the White House as an opportunity to change Biden’s domestic policy priorities as a way to highlight improved coronavirus outlook and reduce the cost of families tackling inflation spikes. But it has taken on new importance with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week and the rattling of nuclear sabers by Vladimir Putin.

Biden, in his remarks, was revived, working to re-arm Ukrainian troops, impose sanctions on Russia and cripple the economy, with the courage of Ukrainian defenders. He planned to emphasize the determination of the Western Alliance.

Biden said of “the efforts he has made to not only support the importance and values ​​of the United States as a world leader and the norms of the world, but also mitigate its impact on the people here.” I will tell you. Pusaki said on Monday.

Biden addresses a crowd of nearly full mask options in the house chamber, one of the signs that mitigates the threat of the coronavirus. But due to new security concerns after last year’s riots, he will also speak from within the newly fenced Capitol.

Rising energy prices as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine are at risk of exacerbating US inflation, which is already at its highest level in 40 years, eating up American income and threatening economic recovery from a pandemic. And while the geopolitical crisis in Eastern Europe may have helped ease tensions between Washington’s factions, it casts doubt on Biden’s ability to fulfill his promise to promote national unity. And cultural discord cannot be eliminated.

Biden takes the speaker’s podium because the Americans are dissatisfied with his performance as president. A February AP-NORC poll found that 55% to 44% of more people were disapproved than Biden was approved for how he treats his duties as president. This is down from the 60% positive rating last July.

White House officials have admitted that the country’s mood is “sour,” citing prolonged pandemics and inflation as sources of criticism. In his speech, Biden emphasizes progress from a year ago, emphasizing that most of the country has been vaccinated and millions of people are working, but admits American dissatisfaction. I also admit that the work is not done yet.

Biden’s aide states that he believes that the spirit of the people is a “trailing indicator” and will improve over time. However, the president needs to bail out the first round of proceedings to revive the party’s politics prior to the November midterm elections.

The president is set to emphasize investment in everything from the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law in November to broadband access to bridge construction, an example of how the government has reached an agreement and will change the American people. I raised it as.

He also compromised the competitiveness bill of his rivals through the House of Representatives and the Senate with the aim of revitalizing tech America’s manufacturing and supply chains in the face of rising geopolitical threats from China. I planned to appeal to lawmakers to reach.

The speech is Capitol, with many advances in Biden’s other legislative priorities after Democratic Senator Joe Manchin discontinued the radical “build-back better” spending bill endorsed by Biden last fall. It starts with getting stuck in the hill.

As part of its pitch to voters, Biden aims to revive the components of the bill, but as prices rise, proposals such as extending child tax credits and lowering childcare costs will help families. We will re-emphasize what we can bring. He was also set up to show how his climate change proposals can reduce costs for low- and middle-income households and create new jobs.

“The president will definitely use the word inflation tomorrow and he will talk about inflation in his speech,” Pusaki said. But she emphasized that Biden’s focus is not on statistics, but on “how people experience it.”

As part of its promotion, Biden calls for reductions in health care costs, proposes plans to approve Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, and is more generous than temporarily available through the affordable medical care market. I am planning to request an extension of the health insurance subsidy. 14.5 million people are insured.

Despite the low prospects for parliamentary passage, Biden was also set to appeal for action on voting rights, gun control, and police reform, despite a majority of Democrats.

Biden was expected to introduce what he had done so far. For example, she acted to crack down on “ghost guns.” This is a homemade firearm that does not have a serial number used for tracking and is often purchased without a background check.

For voting rights, Opportunity for Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema to use a workaround that allows the Senate Democrats to pass the bill with a 50-50 majority instead of the normally required 60 votes. After denying, the legislation got stuck.

A voting bill written by Congressional Democrats will bring about the largest review of the US elections of its generation by breaking the hurdles to voting enacted in the name of election security. The Republicans say the change is not aimed at fairness, but at the Democratic Party’s election advantage.

Biden also pushes the Senate to confirm that Ketangi Brown Jackson is the first black woman in the Supreme Court. He nominated her last week.

Prior to the speech, the Federal Medical Association announced that the federal government would lift the requirement to cover the face of the House of Representatives after relaxing the guidelines for wearing masks. Currently, wearing a mask is a personal choice in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives is open to all members of the House of Representatives, but guests are still not allowed to participate.

Everyone in attendance must undergo a COVID-19 test prior to Biden’s address.

Biden uses his remarks to highlight progress on COVID-19 last year and aim to lead the country to a “new stage” of viral reactions that looks like pre-pandemic life.

Biden’s first speech to the joint meeting last April was limited to about 200 people. This is about 20% of the normal capacity of the president’s presentation. White House aides panicked that this year’s repetition would have been an image of dissonance from the message the president was trying to reach the American people.

Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff, said: “It will look like the most common thing people have seen in Washington for a long time.”

While the mask was removed, law enforcement officials re-installed fences around the Capitol building. There were no specific or credible threats prior to Biden’s speech, but there were concerns about a truck convoy heading to Washington to protest the pandemic restrictions.


Associated Press writer Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar contributed to this report.

Biden steps into the State of the Union address in a tremendous moment – ​​thereporteronline

Source link Biden steps into the State of the Union address in a tremendous moment – ​​thereporteronline

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