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Washington (AP) — According to the latest Sunday news from doctors, President Joe Biden continues to “significantly improve” despite prolonged sore throats from coronavirus infections.

“The president is responding to treatment as expected,” Dr. Kevin O Connor wrote in his latest memo. Biden is taking Paxrovid, an antiviral drug that helps reduce the chances of a serious illness.

O’Connor writes that Biden still has a sore throat, although other symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, and body aches have been “significantly reduced.”

Biden tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday morning. O’Connor said on Saturday that the president was likely infected with a highly contagious variant called BA.5, which is widespread throughout the country, and Dr. Ashishger, COVID-19 coordinator at the White House, next Sunday. Said as. BA.5 variant. “

“We are grateful that our vaccines and treatments are working well for it, which is why I think the president is doing well,” Jha told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Ja also provided positive updates on the president’s health.

“I checked in to his team late last night. He felt good. He had a good day yesterday,” Ja said.

The variant is a derivative of the Omicron strain that emerged at the end of last year. It is believed to be the cause of the majority of coronavirus cases in Japan. Since then, he has been isolated in the White House dwelling.

Government officials emphasized that his symptoms were mild because he had been vaccinated four times, and he began taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid after he became infected.

The White House hasn’t published Biden’s photos or videos since Friday when the media saw him attend a virtual meeting with an economic adviser.

Ja promised that the White House would continue to provide up-to-date information on the president’s condition and whether he may have long-term symptoms.

“I think it’s really important for Americans to know how well the president is doing,” he said.

“Obviously, if he has persistent symptoms, and if any of them clearly interferes with his ability to perform his duties, we will disclose it to the American people early and often. But I think this will be a fully vaccinated, double-boosted, COVID course found by many Americans with these tools, “said Jha. “The president is doing well and I hope he will continue to do so.”

A Biden spokesman said 17 people, including senior presidential officials and at least one member of parliament, had determined that Biden was in close contact when it could have been transmitted. Jha hasn’t tested positive on Fox News Sunday so far.

Biden “significantly” improved and throat still hurts from COVID – Daily Local

Source link Biden “significantly” improved and throat still hurts from COVID – Daily Local

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