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Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden told Congressional Democrats Wednesday that he was “not married” to his absolute numbers. $ 1.9 Trillion COVID Rescue Plan But Congress needs to “act quickly” to bail out pandemics and economic crises.

Biden also said he didn’t want to price from his proposed $ 1,400 with the direct payment he said he was promised to the Americans.

“See, many people have been hurt in our country today,” Biden said. “We need to act. We need to act quickly. We need to regain the soul of the country.”

“I’m not going to break my promise to the American people and start the administration,” he said.

The meeting with the Democratic Party of the House of Representatives takes place as the president strengthens public involvement with lawmakers on pandemic aid and economic recovery packages, and together tests his first legislative priorities and government capacity. I will. Biden’s remarks to the Democratic Caucus were relayed by two people who requested anonymity to discuss a private conference call.

Biden is trying to build bipartisan support from the Republicans, but he is also prepared to rely on the Democratic majority of Congress to legislate his most important agenda. Republicans oppose his package as overkill and prefer a $ 618 billion alternative, despite Biden’s continued personal discussions with the Republicans on potential compromises. He said it was inadequate.

The president later met with Senate leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Democrats in the presidential office, confident in a Republican vote that the bailout was still bipartisan.

“I think there are some Republicans,” he said at the beginning of the meeting.

Due to the increased death toll from the virus and the economic tightness, the goal is to approve the COVID-19 bailout by March when additional unemployment and other pandemic aid measures expire. Money for distributing vaccines, paying directly to households, reopening schools, and supporting business is at stake.

As Congressmen begin drafting package details under the budgeting process, Biden will strengthen his allies while ensuring that the final product fulfills its bold bailout promise to the abused country. I am paying attention to.

Democrats in the House of Representatives have the flexibility to respond to several numbers and programs over the phone with the President and can “better target” direct payments, but the scale and scope of aid should not be reduced. I was told.

“We have to grow, not small,” Biden told Democrats. “I have your back, and you have mine.”

When the White House reaches a bipartisan bill, Democrats, with or without Republican support, are always slim, casting 50-49 votes on Tuesday to begin a long process to approve Biden’s bill. We have summarized the majority vote of the Senate. The House of Representatives will begin the process with a preliminary vote late Wednesday.

Prompt action follows Tuesday’s work on Congress as Biden. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Participated in the Democratic Senator and held a private virtual meeting, both proclaiming Republican $ 618 Billion Offer It was too small.

Both Biden and Yellen recalled the lessons of the government’s response to the 2009 financial crisis, but some said it was inadequate due to the worsening situation since then.

Schumer described the Republican proposal as follows: “If you create such a small package, you will be plagued by the COVID crisis for years.”

Biden emphasizes the need to remember working and middle-class families. These nurses and plumbers make $ 150,000 in a family of four.

At the beginning of the week Biden met with 10 Republican senators They pitched a $ 618 billion alternative and said it wasn’t enough. He said he would not delay aid in the hope of gaining Republican support.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has criticized the Democratic Party for moving forward primarily on its own as Senator GOP seeks to offer bipartisan alternatives.

“They chose a completely partisan path,” McConnell said. “It is a pity.”

The two are far apart. The cornerstone of the GOP plan is $ 160 billion for healthcare. Vaccine distribution, “massive expansion” of testing, protective equipment, funding for local hospitals, Similar to what Biden proposed for pandemic-specific assistance.

But from there, the two plans diverge dramatically. Biden is proposing $ 170 billion to schools, compared to the Republican plan of $ 20 billion. Republicans will also give nothing to the state. Democratic money is just as important, with Biden’s plan to keep police, fire and other workers at work for $ 350 billion.

Republican $ 1,000 direct payments are sent to fewer people — up to $ 40,000 a year, or $ 80,000 for couples. Biden’s larger $ 1,400 payment extends to higher income levels, up to $ 300,000 for some families.

Republicans are providing $ 40 billion in business assistance for the Paycheck Protection Program.But democratic priorities such as phasing out are gone Federal minimum wage Up to $ 15 per hour.

Getting the support of 10 Republicans is important and could give Biden the votes needed in the 50-50 Senate to reach the 60-vote threshold normally needed to advance legislation. There is. Vice President Kamala Harris It is a tie breaker.

However, Democrats pushed Tuesday’s vote and laid the groundwork for final approval under a budget adjustment process that would allow a 51-vote senate majority to pass the bill.

White House officials previously cited the US Chamber of Commerce as evidence of widespread support for their plans, but Tuesday’s most prominent US business group urged a compromise.

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Biden shows flexibility, but tells House to “grow” with help | Business

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