Biden sees a bigger role for US farms for the Ukrainian War | Associated Press

Kankakee, Illinois (AP) —President Joe Biden has vowed to help American farmers try to mitigate the next rise in global food prices. Russia invades Ukraine A developed policy intended to increase yields in a way he visits family farms on Wednesday and believes the government will also help reduce household grocery bills.

“I stand here today and thank the American farmers in the democratic breadbasket,” Biden said. “We can ensure that US agricultural exports close the supply gap in Ukraine.”

His administration has announced three policy shifts to support US farmers in a global agenda. To do this, double the funding for domestic fertilizer production to $ 500 million, increase access to farm management tools to meet plant and soil needs, and farmers replant their land for planting. Includes efforts to increase the number of counties covered by “double cropping” insurance for availability. Same year.

Biden said Ukraine has 20 million tonnes of wheat and corn stored and the United States and its allies are trying to help ship it abroad. This helps address some supply issues, but challenges can continue.

The war in Ukraine was confused Wheat supply for that country As we enter the global market, the costs of oil, natural gas and fertilizers will rise. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the food price index in April fell slightly on a monthly basis, but rose by nearly 30% from a year ago. Americans are also in pain as food prices have risen 9.4% from a year ago, the highest in 41 years.

Biden toured 800 acres of O’Connor Farm in Illinois with owners Jeff and Gina O’Connor. They grow wheat harvested in July and will later use the same land for soybeans. Biden asked to drive one of their tractors, but it was only told to drive itself.

The president investigated wheat and said, “It looks healthy to me.”

Wednesday’s trip was an opportunity for Biden to tackle two distinct challenges shaping the presidency.First, his Poor approval evaluation I’m crazy about High inflation And his visit took place at the same time as the release of the Consumer Price Index in April. Consumer prices have risen 8.3% from a year ago, down slightly from an annual rate of 8.5% in March. It partially reflected last month’s chill in gasoline prices after the surge caused by the start of the war in Ukraine. Still, according to AAA, gas prices in May rose to an average of $ 4.40 per gallon on Wednesday, leaving variability with energy costs.

More broadly, Biden’s visit provided an opportunity to reinforce America’s clear role in helping alleviate the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine. This trip follows a pattern similar to Biden’s recent visit. Alabama Weapon Factory He emphasized the anti-tank Javelin missile that the United States provided to Ukraine.

Several Democrats, including Chairman Nancy Pelosi, met Biden on Tuesday after visiting Ukraine. They warned that food shortages meant that the consequences of the war initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin would cross the Ukrainian border and extend to some of the world’s poorest nations.

“It will bring a much worse hunger crisis than everyone expected,” Massachusetts MP Jim McGovern said following the White House meeting.

analysis This month, the centre-right American Enterprise Institute by Joseph Glauber and David Labold pointed out that countries in the Middle East and North Africa are likely to suffer price increases due to grain shortages.

There is a limit to the amount of wheat the United States can produce to make up for the shortage. The Agriculture Department In March, it was estimated that 47.4 million acres of wheat were planted, an increase of only 1% from 2021. This is the fifth lowest amount of wheat-only acres in records dating back to 1919.

Biden later went to Chicago and spoke to a crowd of supporters at the International Electric Workers Fraternity Brotherhood Convention. This group was an early and important backer who was struggling in the 2020 presidential election.

“That’s why I’m standing here as president today. I never forgot not only what you did for me, but also what you did for America.”

The president said he would support the $ 1 trillion bipartisan public works bill passed last fall and fund infrastructure projects built by unions across the country.

“We’re not just a slogan, we’re a’Buy American’,” Biden said.

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Biden sees a bigger role for US farms for the Ukrainian War | Associated Press

Source link Biden sees a bigger role for US farms for the Ukrainian War | Associated Press

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