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Biden prepares for first press conference, White House tradition | Domestic and World

Washington (AP) —He led the Allies in the defeat of Nazi Germany, and ten years later, he was a little threatened in front of the camera in the reverberation room of the former Secretariat building and was ready to make history again.

“Well, it looks like we’re trying a new experiment this morning,” President Dwight Eisenhower told reporters. “I hope it doesn’t prove to be a disturbing effect.” It was the first presidential press conference captured for broadcast on television. In the faint black and white of television in 1955, Americans saw their trademark Ike grinning and heard beef about him being asked “question error.”

Along with that, the enlightening, controversial, and often showboat tradition has been brought to the present day, one president Joe Biden continues at his first White House press conference on Thursday. Please look forward to the disturbing effects.

Depending on how you count, Biden is the historian Martha Joynt Kumar. “High risk, high compensation” companies At the presidential press conference.

The last four presidents, who returned to Bill Clinton, each held one White House press conference during the first 60 days, and then increased their pace to varying degrees.

Donald Trump has held at least five press conferences by that time, at least four for Clinton and two for Barack Obama, in addition to the often very short press conferences that visit foreign leaders. The pandemic has moved foreign leaders away from the White House this year.

Biden White House Especially tight shipsFully aware of his flab history, Biden himself is a self-proclaimed “abuse machine”.

He often held pandemics at press conferences with infrequent 2020 campaigns. Still, he debated fellow Democrats a dozen times and Trump three times without any obvious harm to his outlook or the country.

In recent weeks, his lack of press conferences has become, well, news itself, reporters pressured the White House to gain more access to the president, and some conservatives say Biden is hiding something. Insisted. Recognizing that moment of great attention, the aide held a practice session with the president earlier this week.

In an interview with ABC News, one of the president’s few extended open-end sessions with the media before Thursday, Americans gained insight into his thoughts on Russian President Vladimirputin — Biden Interfered with the elections, which he called the United States a “pay” murderer — a surge in young immigrants at the border, possible delays in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and more.

Eisenhower’s Press Conference January 19, 1955 was one of several benchmarks in the history of the Presidential Press Conference tracked by Kumar, an authority on White House practices.

Until his administration, the press conference was off-record. That is, the president provided public information about the situation in the country and the work of the government, not necessarily by name.

Woodrow Wilson held his first presidential press conference in 1913. Calvin Coolidge made their habits, Holds nearly 73 a year on average“The public must give a fairly accurate report of what the president is trying to do,” he said.

Franklin Roosevelt, a radio pioneer who has mastered communication in every way and is almost at the pace of Coolridge’s unparalleled press conference, regularly calls his favorite reporters to his office and dislikes them. Was outsourced to his “Inferior Student Club”.

Off-recording often meant giving the president the opportunity to put away unprecedented remarks today. At a press conference in March 1950, Harry Truman said Senator Joseph McCarthy, a daring canceller of realistic and imaginary communists in the U.S. government and society, is Kremlin’s “best asset.” Declared.

“When one of the reporters commented that the president’s observations would be” one page tomorrow, “Truman realized he should soften the statement,” Kumar wrote. “He” cooperated “with the reporter, admitting the following as a direct quote: “The Kremlin’s greatest asset is a partisan attempt in the Senate to thwart US bipartisan foreign policy.”

When Eisenhower recorded the press conference and had it recorded by the broadcaster, such an operation became unacceptable. Still, the segment was only aired later.

Eisenhower wanted to take advantage of the early media of television, but he did so in partial steps.Press Secretary James C. Hagerty I told AP at that time The live television broadcast is not permitted.

It was John F. Kennedy who led the era of live television press conferences, and he thrived on that practice.

Kennedy spoke smoothly, was authoritative, entertaining, and arrived in the living room about twice a month at a press conference.

But for all of JFK’s charm and wisdom, Kumar says he encountered a more aggressive White House reporter. He told Americans that he had shot down a US meteorological plane when the Soviet Union was a reconnaissance plane, partly because the previous administration lied. Still, the secrets about Kennedy’s actions with the woman and his health problems remained out of the press.

Through a chain of lies about Vietnam and Watergate, the hostile relationship between the media and power has taken root deeper. The exercise performance was similar while looking at the camera.

Richard Nixon, like Trump after him, called the press an “enemy.” Still, Nixon was the first person to hold a White House press conference during the Golden Time. (Nixon’s famous complaint cry of 1973, “I’m not a scammer,” came in a question-and-answer session with a newspaper editor at a related press conference in Florida, not at a White House press conference. .)

Ronald Reagan also favored a large audience and Golden Time cash, using the fascinating East Room as a backdrop, as Nixon did.

Throughout these years, press conferences have come to think about the substance of policy, if not more, than seeing the president think on his own feet.

Repairs are taking place — think of playing cards. For example, consider the noisy, over an hour of drama, stream of consciousness monologues when the president openly searches for friendly questions, ridicules difficult questions, and forges theory based on what he sees on television. Please try.

Gerald Ford was crouching, as when Nixon’s amnesty was asked if it should be taken to mean that the shameful president was guilty. “Well, accepting amnesty,” Ford said very slowly. “Well, I think many, if not all, can interpret it as a confession of sin.”

There were many flashes of anger.

Why President Obama in 2015 is “satisfied” with trumpeting a newly achieved nuclear deal with Iran when Iran still holds four Americans in forged land Was asked. His face wore a smile, not a smile.

“The idea that I’m happy when I celebrate with an American citizen suffering in an Iranian prison is that it’s nonsense and you should know better,” he said.

The old question that Eisenhower found to be “loaded” in the Indian Treaty Room of the vast executive office building that now bears his name was harmless by today’s standards. He just evaluated the first two years after taking office and was asked, “What are your hopes for the next two or six years?”

In contrast, at a Clinton press conference on February 6, 1998, as evidence of his impeachment, in a television speech, “I had no sexual relations with the woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Lie.

He was asked at the press conference at a time when he might decide that the crisis was too great to end his family and resign.

“Never,” he said with a stone face.

Clinton was adjacent to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Tony Blair smiled at the smile of a man who wanted to be somewhere, somewhere, somewhere at that moment.


Associated Press writer Jonathan Lemire and multimedia editor Kevin S. Vineys contributed to this report.

Biden prepares for first press conference, White House tradition | Domestic and World

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