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Biden meets House Democrats in push for $ 1.9T plan – NBC10 Philadelphia

President Joe Biden met with leading Democrats on Friday looking to put his $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package on the road to legislation, taking advantage of new signs of economic tension to seek approval. ..

“You can’t do too much here. You can do too little,” he told them. “Genuine living people are hurt. And we can fix it. And we can fix it, all the ironic irony is that we are them. It’s time to help, and we’re helping our competitiveness throughout the rest of the decade. “

Earlier on Friday, the Senate approved measures to allow Democrats to implement bailout plans through the Chamber of Commerce without Republican support. Vice President Kamala Harris chaired her first tiebreaker vote.

The Senate Democrats applauded after Harris announced 51-50 votes around 5:30 am. This action took place after a tough overnight session in which Senators voted for amendments that could define the outline of the final COVID-19 aid bill.

The budget is now back in the House of Representatives and may be approved again on Friday to reflect the changes made by the Senate. This measure will then work through the Commission and additional relief can be completed by mid-March when additional unemployment and other pandemic aids expire. This is an active timeline to test the capabilities of the new administration and Congress.

The promotion of stimulus measures will take place in new signs of weakening the US economy. The Ministry of Labor said on Friday that after cutting 227,000 jobs in December, employers added just 49,000 jobs in January. Restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, and even the healthcare sector cut labor last month. That is, private employers accounted for a slight increase in 6,000 jobs last month.

“At that rate, it will take 10 years to reach full employment,” Biden said in a meeting with Democrats. “It’s not an exaggeration. That’s a fact.”

The unemployment rate has fallen from 6.7% to 6.3%, but the number of people working or looking for a job has declined as a sign that some people are leaving the workforce. The US economy has 9.9 million shy jobs at pre-pandemic levels.

Mr Biden, who recently met with lawmakers to discuss the package, welcomed the leader of the House committee to put together a bill under a budget process called “reconciliation.”

Biden also plans to speak on Friday about the economy as he continues to pressure Congress to “act big” in his bailout package.

Money for distributing vaccines, paying directly to households, reopening schools, and supporting business is at stake.

The Senate has passed Amendment 99-1 to prevent $ 1,400 from being sent to “high-income taxpayers” on Biden’s proposed direct check. However, the bill, led by Senator Susan Collins (Republican) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia), is ultimately symbolic, non-binding, and identifies at what level a person is eligible for high income. I have not.

The Marathon Senate brought test votes on several Democratic priorities, including a $ 15 minimum wage. The voice-voted Senate has adopted an amendment from Republican Senator Joni Ernst in opposition to raising wages during the pandemic. Wage increases at this point are “catastrophic” for small businesses, Ernst said.

While the Democratic Party drafts a COVID plan, none of the budget amendments are binding, but passing salary increases can be difficult. Even if a $ 15 wage could overcome procedural challenges in the final bill, passage would require support from all Democrats in the 50-50 Senate.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a supporter of wage increases, has vowed to move forward. “We need to end the hunger wage crisis,” he said.


Associated Press Writing Zeke Miller contributed to this report.

Biden meets House Democrats in push for $ 1.9T plan – NBC10 Philadelphia

Source link Biden meets House Democrats in push for $ 1.9T plan – NBC10 Philadelphia

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