Biden demands a $ 2,000 stimulus check: how fast can you get it?

Washington (NEXSTAR) — Presidential election Joe Biden requested an additional coronavirus bailout package that is expected to include a third round stimulus check on Friday. This direct payment can be the largest of all, with the $ 2,000 number swayed around.

“We now need to provide faster relief to families and businesses,” Biden said in his speech. “People are really, really, really desperate.”

After proposing to Georgia voters earlier that week, Biden said that if the Democrats win these races, a $ 2,000 stimulus check is heading to most Americans.

When that happened, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer emphasized that the money was on the way.

“One of the first things I want to do when our new Senator is seated is to deliver a $ 2,000 check to an American family,” Schumer, the majority leader, said Wednesday. It was.

Previously, Republican-controlled Senate and majority leader Mitch McConnell was the biggest hurdle to getting more direct payments through.

So when can this $ 2,000 payment be realized? Probably early February at the earliest. Results in Georgia must first be certified before a new Senator can be seated. Republicans are expected to appeal these results. According to Yahoo News, the deadline for certifying results is January 22nd.

The Washington Post also states that it is not clear whether checks are an independent law that can move very quickly or a component of a much larger package that can take a long time to process.

The larger payment idea came from President Donald Trump’s 11-hour proposal to increase the size of the stimulus check from $ 600 to $ 2,000. The $ 600 bipartisan compromise was considered a completed deal and received drastic approval in the House and Senate after the White House assured Republican leaders that Trump would support it. Trump signed the deal with a smaller check after the $ 2,000 proposal was blocked in a Republican-controlled Senate.

Prior to the Georgia race, Biden stated that he would demand a new direct payment, but did not discuss the definitive amount. He called this latest $ 600 check a “down payment.”

Biden demands a $ 2,000 stimulus check: how fast can you get it?

Source link Biden demands a $ 2,000 stimulus check: how fast can you get it?

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