Bezos has donated $ 100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose

Bezos said Jones and Andres were free to “do what they wanted to do” with that money.

“They can donate it all to their charity,” Bezos said at a press conference after the space trip. “Or they can share wealth. It’s up to them.”

According to Bezos, this money was tied to the award of courage and politeness, the “surprise” charity initiative he wanted to announce.

Bezos added that the award aims to “show courage” and honor those who seek to become united in a divided world.

“We need a unity, not a blame,” Bezos said. “We need people who discuss and act hard on what they believe in, but they are always polite and never attack. Unfortunately, we Lives in a world where this doesn’t apply too often, but we have a role model. “

“Sometimes dreams come true,” said award-winning Jones.

“You bet on me and I’m grateful for it,” Jones told Bezos, adding that it was money for him to “give to others with a similar spirit.”

Andre, who has focused on feeding the needy people around the world, said the award itself “cannot feed the world alone.”

“But this is the beginning of a new chapter for us,” André added.

Anderson Cooper, who had fixed CNN’s special coverage on Tuesday, said it was “extremely surprising” after Bezos announced the award.

“None of us knew anything about it,” Cooper said.

The charity initiative from Bezos came with him and fellow billionaires such as Virgin Galactic investor Richard Branson. Face criticism For spending their wealth on space travel. Bezos, previously criticized for not contributing any more to philanthropy, has recently donated billions of dollars for the following purposes: Climate change And Food bank..

Critics say that the wealthiest people in the world should work to improve the condition of people on Earth, rather than fly into space. However, Bezos and supporters of the space program argued that both were possible.

“Well, I say they’re mostly right. We have to do both,” he said in an interview with CNN on Monday. “As you know, we have many problems on earth now, we need to tackle them, we need to always look to the future. We always do it as a seed, as a civilization. I’ve been. We have to do both. “

Bezos has donated $ 100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose

Source link Bezos has donated $ 100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose

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