Berks County United Way Announces Grant Opportunity

United Way of Berks County is considering investing in a local non-profit organization that provides social services.

The organization has announced that it will soon begin accepting applications for live United grants designed to support joint programs working to find innovative solutions to challenges affecting the Berks County community.

Nonprofits with an annual operating budget of less than $ 250,000 are advised to apply for a one-time grant that does not exceed $ 5,000.

The group needs to submit a proposal for a program that brings people together to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

The proposal is one issue within four initiatives identified by the United Way of Berks County and community members, as needed, to create a thriving community for people to live, work and raise their families. Need to be addressed.

Education: Helping young people reach their potential

• Early care and school preparation

• Literacy

• School success

• Youth development

• Education case management

Financial stability: promotion of independence

• Affordable housing

• employment

• Personal financial management

• Financial stability case management

Health: Improve people’s health

• mental health

• Health and wellness

• Independent life

• Health case management

Safety Net Service: Helping Vulnerable People

• Basic needs

• Safety net case management

Christine Spanier, Vice President of Communications at United Way of Burks County, said the grant proposal was finalized by the organization’s board of directors, reviewed by a panel of community volunteers, and then through a competitive process. Said to be awarded.

Starting Wednesday, nonprofits will be able to submit their applications online from the United Way of Berks County website. The deadline for applying for the grant is August 26th.

Applicants can find out more about grant eligibility requirements and application formats at the following URL:

Berks County United Way Announces Grant Opportunity

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