Berks County Real Estate Transactions March 20

Editor’s Note: Some transactions did not include transfer pricing as they were not exchanged for the property. All certificates are recorded on the Berks County Recorder at the Certificate Office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between the submission of the certificate and its publication. The transaction is based on a file created by the certificate keeper. If you have any questions, please call 610-478-3380 or send an email to
Albany Township
From Leo J. Stelzman and Fayee E. Stelzman Riverpath Inc., 659 Hawk Mountain Road, $ 302,000.
Alsace Township
From Nancy E. Lomas and Juan G. Lomas Daniel Graf and Heather E. Graf and Robert C. Graf, 204 Tulip Hill Road, $ 480,000.
Christopher Madara and Dina M. Madara to Christopher G. Madara, 3224 Price Town Road, $ 1.
From Paul F. Rentko Jr. to Jemco Fund LLC, 98 Wanner Road, $ 166,000.
Amity Township
Jacob C. Oliver and Chantel M. Oliver to Chantel M. Oliver, 516 Monocassie Creek Road.
Casey L. Jones Jr. to Bryant Construction Inc., 214 Pleasant View Drive, $ 331,000.
From John D. Haas and Charles W. Haas to Philip J. Kezada and Mercy A. Haas, Old Suede Road, $ 1.
Bern Township
Victor William Colon Almadbar and Victor William Colon to Victor William Colon, 1725 Golf Road, $ 1.
Randell E. Parrish and Berneta L. Parrish to Randell E. Parrish and Berneta L. Parrish, 2109 Bernville Road, $ 1.
From Gary L. Mengel Jr. to Gary L. Mengel Jr., 1070 Rick Road, $ 1.
From Gary L. Mengel Jr. to Gary L. Mengel Jr., 1070 Rick Road, $ 1.
Bethel Township
From Samuel F. Rap ​​and Sadie G. Rap ​​to Jonas S. Rap, 7720 Lancaster Avenue, $ 1.
From Traci A. Decarlo to Kelley A. Grant, 114 N. Mill St. , $ 145,600.
From Laura E. Dillon Eric A. Simpson, 334 W. 2nd St., $ 161,000.
Breakfast Township
Jonathan Knight and Tyler Knight from Jody G. Night Estate, 130 Hearts Store Road, $ 41,986.48.
From Hilda F. Heineman Estate to Glen L. Heineman, 1017 Alleghenyville Road.
Heber J. Griffith and ThelmaG Griffith’s irrevocable life trust to Thelma G. Griffith, 231 R Bowmansville Road, $ 1.
Heber J. Griffith and ThelmaG Griffith’s irrevocable life trust to Thelma G. Griffith, 231 Bowmansville Road, $ 1.
Center Township
Terry Miller and Carolyn Miller from Jon M. Diaz-Cruz and Tanya Diaz-Cruz, 86 Pine Road, $ 297,000.
Coalbrookdale Township
Lynnwood H. Moyer Estate to Tessa Hyatt, 207 Henry Avenue, $ 300,000.
From Earl A. Epihimer Estate Frederick W. Rap, 709 Oak Street, $ 177,832.
Kamlou Township
Richard E.Ciemiewicz to Richard E.Ciemiewicz and JenniferCiemiewicz, 65 Winged Foot Drive, $ 1.
Anthony David Castro from Chester D. Hearts Estate, 1625 Greg Avenue, $ 160,000.
From Anita M. Bertz and Anita M. Swaltz to Anita M. Swaltz, 644 Shearund Road.
From Alan C. Burkhart to Samantha Ingersoll, 105 Ridge St. , $ 140,000.
From Michelle M. Morris Jarad Glucksnis and Marcia Glucksnis, 15 Rim View Lane, $ 370,000.
From Robert H. Schuler and Jenny E. Schuler to Ricardo Dos Diaz and Kelly Dos Diaz, 794 Fairmont Avenue, $ 63,000.
Excelter Township
Mark A. Schlott and Tracy L. Schlott to Tracy L. Schlott, 9 Elliott Drive.
From Donna K. Hillard to Thomas Earl Isaac Good and Erica Lee Anderson, Willow Way, $ 172,000.
GtwProperties LLC, Heather Heights, $ 1 from Teresa A. Williams and Gregory G. Witmyer.
Jonathan R. Day and Linda L Day’s Cancelable Trust to Zane Andrew Forte, Wisterway, $ 145,000.
Daniel Molnar and Dana L. Molnar, 245 W. 48th St., $ 136,000 from Zachary Early.
Carmen Monica Tyler and Kevin Joseph Tyler from Maaike Jonsson and Tomas Jonsson, 91 Linkside Court, $ 435,800.
Greenwich Township
Melinda K. Queman to Melinda K. Queman, 359 Gun Club Road.
From Brook A. Berger and Kelly J. Berger Matthew McCauley Haggerty, 45 N. 4th St. , $ 270,000.
Cindy Zuber-Reimert, 213 Highland Ave from William S. Kolson. , $ 142,000.
Julie Ann Lankford and William Robert Lankford, 405 N. Kemp St from Jennifer M. Lau and Tisha D. Lau. , $ 310,000.
Christopher Madara and Dina M. Madara to Christopher G. Madara, 3609 Kutztown Road, $ 1.
Christopher G. Madara and Dina M. Madara to Christopher G. Madara, 3417 Kutztown Road, $ 1.
From William A. Griffin and Marie A. Griffin to Scott Allen Tricker and Jenny Rinstricker, 3353 Montrose Avenue and 3351 Montrose Avenue, $ 142,000.
From John W. Redinger Wilmington Savings Fund Association Fsb and Stanwitch Mortgage Trust I, 507 Emerson Avenue, $ 113,000.
Long Swamp Township
Tyler A. Kerchner, 220 Hidden Valley Road, $ 1 from Tyler Kerchner and Crystal M.A Greiss.
Lower Alsace Township
Wilbur B. Patterson Jr. Estate to Courtney A. Stunz, 1126 Carsonia Ave. , $ 150,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
From Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC Kameen T. Thompson and Casandra Bradshaw, 328 Chatsworth Court, $ 677,395.
Katie A. Stine and Herbert W. Stine, 68 Reed St., $ 215,000 from Scott D. Macczak.
Mount pen
From Stefanie Pilkerton to Susan Naylor, 2244 Ocher St. , $ 260,000.
Mullenberg Township
From Andrew Robert Bell and Chelsey C. Bell Laurieann G. Daniels and Thomas H. Daniels, 3608 Raymond St. , $ 208,000.
RandyDaleHertzler to RandyDaleHertzler and SharonLynneHertzler, 461 Autumn Lane, $ 1.
From Michel R. Frey to Andrew J. Ganseri and Alyssa N. Wilkinson, 4006 Francis Street, $ 238,000.
From Angelica Moreno and Julio Fernandez to Fior C. Rodriguez Rosario, 510 Spring Valley Road, $ 250,000.
Oley Township
TraceReal Estate Holdings LLC, 6820 Boyertown Pike, $ 180,000 from ZimrickGroup LLC.
Jonathan L. Ziegenfuse and Mark A. Ziegenfuse, 498 Main St., $ 168,000 from Patricia Ann Fry Estate.
Ontelony Township
From Bernard R. Korch Jr. to Bernard R. Korch Jr. and Pamela J. Korch, 3 Birch Hill Road.
Pen Township
From Wayne W. Freeman Estate Christopher B. Baitler and Sherry L. Baitler, 76 Fisher Mll Stm Road, $ 363,000.
From Mohammed Karim and Muraheda Actel to Ragon Mitchell, 219 Brookline Street, $ 134,900.
From Asiul LLC CenterOnTheAve LLC, 1309 N.Front St. and 1301 N.Front St. and 1317 N.Front St. , $ 80,000.
PaFlipbros LLC, 1128 Robeson St., $ 84,000 from Ronald S. Garl.
From Ingrid A. Richter to Anthony M. Calderoni, 29 Arlington Street, $ 140,000.
LkpjManagementLLC, 1236 Muhlenberg St., $ 35,000 from Sergio Garcia Cruz Estate.
From Richard Bradshaw Brown Acquisitions LLC, 1509 Luzerne St., $ 95,000.
Roughneck Realty LLC from Milton Suazo, 1015 Perry St., $ 65,333.
From Fifth Street Holdings LLC to Mercedes South Fifth LLC, 108 S. 5th St. , $ 380,000.
Andres A. Rosario, 17 Bentley Court, $ 143,000 from Kairos Home Investments LLC and PaFlipbros LLC.
From Irma L. Morales and Maria Morales Salomon Zavala Gonzalez, 1150 N. 9th St. , $ 50,000.
Cashing InRealty LLC, 209 N. 8th St., $ 35,000 from Ellen L. Worley.
Edilio Antonio Collado and Juana Collado, 710 Alton Ave from Edilio Collado and Nelson Collado and Miguel Torres. , $ 77,000.
Karel R. Henrich, 426 Hazel St from Anthony David Castro. , $ 110,000.
From Dina M. Madara to Christopher G. Madara, 233 Clymer St. , $ 1.
From Christopher Madara and Dina Madara Christopher G. Madara, 717 Alton Avenue, $ 1.
Gral Management Property Inc., 1211 Mulberry St., $ 50,000 from Jah InvestmentGroup LLC.
From Manuel Salas Morales And Deleon Ltd, 349 N. 13th St. , $ 166,900.
Luis Edison Rios, 624 Gordon St from Merenciana Dejesus Rodriguez Guzman. , $ 10,000.
From Paula M. De La Rosa Francisco Alberto Melenciano, 151 W. Greenwich Street, $ 110,000.
From Enrique Cornejo Jimenez to Enrique Cornejo Jimenez and Maria A. Vargas Cisneros, 1152 Marion St.
Manuel A. Perez and Jessica Y. Perez from Marcia Doleniak, 417 Rehr St. , $ 41,498.
From Hale Carrera to Agustin Carrera, 720 Madison Avenue.
Reina M. Cepeda Fernandez, 610 N. 2nd St from Naireny Rodriguez. , $ 1.
1kbManagementGroup LLC, 835 Washington St., $ 295,000 from ShkodraServices LLC.
Marisol Remache, 246 Greenwich St., $ 78,000 from Capital Plus Partners LLC.
From Tesila Enterprise LLC Yennifer Mercedes Cruz Duran, 201 A S. 4th St. , $ 160,000.
From Linda M. Brensinger Estate and Judy A. Londonecker Juana L.P Morla and Roberto R.G Toribio, 1547 N. 10th St., $ 62,000.
From Pepen Lazaro to Tineo Group Inc., 245 N. 6th St. , $ 150,000.
From Wally Scott to Wally Scott and Kylie Lincot, 42 Moss Street, $ 1.
Wallace S. Scott to Wallace S. Scott and Tallalin Scott, 908 Washington Street, $ 1.
Wally Scott to Wally Scott and Kylie Lincot, 912 Washington Street, $ 1.
Bradley Matthew Simko and Richard James Jackson, 412 Douglass St., $ 193,000 from Eduard D. Marinita and Petre Marinita.
From Marsha Rivera to Marsha Rivera and Andy Fondeur, 156 W. Windsor St. , $ 1.
Richmond Township
Annette M. Beck and Ryan P. Klein to Annette M. Beck, 499 Park Road, $ 1.
Lena Z. Nolt and Anna N. Nolt to Anna N. Nolt, 609 Crisscross Road, $ 1.
Robeson Township
From Brian M. Lahmann and Douglas B. Metcalfe to Brian M. Lahmann and Douglas B. Metcalfe, 97 Serendipity Drive, $ 10.
From Michel D. Deeds Estate and Charles Edward Bowman Estate to Robert L. Deeds Jr., Plow Road and 3509 Plow Road.
From Michael K.Wanner Estate to Eileen L.Wanner, 232 Beech Road.
Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust Hb4, 258 Quarry Road, $ 177,000 from Carolyn J. Flyer and William G. Flyer Estate and Joshua G. Flyer and Christopher M. Flyer.
Matthew J. Deal and Melissa S. Potocki, Furnace Road, $ 125,000 from Oak Grove Partners LLC.
Robert J. Nudy, 244 Sell Road, $ 1 from Robert J. Nudy and Merritt Nudy.
From Michael K.Wanner Estate to Eileen L.Wanner, 232 Beech Road.
From Jay L. Stover to Jay L. Stover and Jennifer A. Stover, 411 Furnace Road, $ 1.
From Carlee R. Cammerota Stephen Lichtley, 108 S. Wayne St., $ 175,000.
Jon M. Diaz-Cruz and Tanya Diaz-Cruz, 438 Smokering Drive, $ 253,850 from Jack L. Keener and Garman Homes LLC.
Ruskoom Manor Township
From Property One Investments LLC to Namastay LLC, 205 Walnuttown Road, $ 711,111.11.
From Dwain Hayter to Dwain Hayter and Kathryn W. Hayter, 33 Liberty St.
Nathaniel L. Listrani and Ericka M. Lutz, 31 E. Broad St. and 31 RE. Broad St from Frances E. Bergman Estate. , $ 163,500.
Thinking spring
From Marie M. Desrouilleres and Jhonny Pierre to Jhonny Pierre and Gorettie Pierre, 313 Diane Ave. , $ 1.
South Heidelberg Township
From Joseph F.Baney Jr. and Carolyn C.Baney Thomas J.Connor and Emilie D.Connor, 8 Slater Drive, $ 240,000.
Eric H. Naumann to Eric H. Naumann and Harry A. Naumann, Hospital Road, $ 1.
Eric H. Naumann to Eric H. Naumann and Harry A. Naumann, 118 Hospital Road, $ 1.
Spring Township
From Robert D. Adams and Diane L. Adams Diane L. Adams, 622 Rosemont Court, $ 1.
From Ruth A. Mease Estate Kelsey Lea Himmelberger and Zachary Duval Savini, 2314 Jefferson Ave. , $ 150,000.
From Doris O. Eisenhower South 5th St Properties LLC, 3027 Grandview Blvd., $ 252,000.
From Kristen M. Ciabattoni and Kristen Messner Kristen M. Ciabattoni, 1606 W. Thistle Drive, $ 1.
Felix Rivas-Disla, 2311 Cleveland Ave from Betty L. Lehman. , $ 239,900.
Lori A. Craig and Peter A. Craig to Vicky Limbastian, 209 Oak Hill Lane, $ 250,000.
Cjd Group LLC, 2445 Cleveland Ave from Mary Ann Zettlemoyer Estate and Alan M. Zettlemoyer. , $ 105,174.
From Peter C. Jacobs Christopher E. Nunes-Garcia, 2405 Noble St., $ 175,000.
Arslan A. Mughal, 2116 Penn Ave from FrankSallade Estate. , $ 134,973.
Lou P. LLC and Adam A. Hite to Sung-Hite Enterprises Ltd LLC, 35 W. Franklin St. , $ 250,000.
Union Township
Gary Kochel, Linda Leisey, Sharon Tagliaferro, Sharon Starks, John H. Dean, Kay A. Dean to John H. Dean and Kay A. Dean, 614 Geigertown Road and 255 Woodglen Road, $ 80,000.
Christi Coakley, 48 Kratz Road, $ 355,000 from James R. Hughes and Shirley Hughes.
Upper Bern Township
Elio Ramirez and Michele Koch from Ovidiu A. Dobrovolschi, 5486 Old Rte 22, $ 285,000.
Reece Messerly, 5867 Old Rte 22, $ 262,000 from Thomas M. Zimmerman.
Washington Township
From John H. Backenstose David P. Swank and Debra L. Swank, 6 Natalie Cr, $ 577,685.
From Richard J. Hansinger Caleb Jonathan Landis and Rachel Ann Landis, 527 Township Line Road, $ 440,000.
Warners Building
Nadege Ducasse, 260 E. Penn Ave from David M. Mattes and Melanie D. Mattes. , $ 150,000.
Bobby King’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 128 W. Gaul St., $ 135,000.
West Reading
Irrevocable family trust to Earl W. Garnart and Janet Garnart, William B. Heuer Jr., 311 Chestnut Street, $ 151,000.
From Becky A. Krommes to Becky A. Krommes and David A. Krommes, 34 Lawndale Road, $ 1.
Sandra L. Weidner to Sandra L. Weidner and Richard L. Henry Jr., 116 Leisure Court.
Multiple cities, towns and villages
Alicia Owens, 71LongRoad and 89LongRoad and 95LongRoad, $ 925,000 from Scottfield Properties LLC.
Melinda K. Queman to Melinda K. Queman, 359 Gun Club Road.
Jacob L. Weikel, 475 Angola Road, $ 150,000 from Kenneth H. Fake Estate and Ken Fake Estate.

Berks County Real Estate Transactions March 20

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