Berks County real estate transactions for Sept. 5 – Reading Eagle

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Albany Township
Jared Odrick to Big Boy Trust, 333 New Bethel Ch Road, $1.
Alsace Township
Cristian Barbu and Claudia Barbu to Sarah Meloche and Thomas Golden Jr., 30 Oley Road, $350,000.
Amity Township
Joshua Dunlap and Sara Dunlap to Andrea Cerrito, 76 Horseshoe Drive, $162,000.
Lawrence J. Finn to Lawrence J. Finn Revocable Living Trust, 112 Maplewood Drive, $1.
Alverda S. High Estate to Fadi Younes, 39 Shore Ave., $102,000.
Jeannine A. Wightman to Stanley C. Boykin and Stacey A. Boykin, 105 Serenity Court, $455,000.
Hope A. Hennessy and Hope A. Laurence and Patrick J. Hennessy to Hope A. Hennessy and Patrick J. Hennessy, 620 Firethorn Drive, $1.
Lee M. Klopp to Anthony Ryan Roett and Leah Rose Roett, 205 Elliott Drive, $282,500.
Ann L. Hartzell Estate to Bruce Gehris III and Kaitlyn Gehris, 311 Old Airport Road, $150,000.
Leonard Michael Astick Jr. and Leonard Astick to Leonard Michael Astick Jr. and Alicia Katherine Astick, 112 Clarion Drive, $10.
Neil R. Eddinger and Cindy L. Eddinger to Michael Joseph Kaiser and Stacy Lyn Kaiser, 314 Dogwood St., $184,900.
Bern Township
Anne M. Gerhart to Anne M. Gerhart Family Trust, 2707 Bernville Road and 2707 R Bernville Road and Ulrich Lane.
Earl Dunkelberger Jr. to Earl Dunkelberger Jr. and Jennifer L. Fick, 1460 Cross Keys Road, $1.
Eric V. Breslin and Alice E. Weidner Breslin and Alice E. Weidner Breslin to Fitz Realty Company LLC, 1000 Suburban Road, $151,000.
Nathan Zmroczek to Vally Ray Acatinca, 330 Ernst Road, $230,000.
Bethel Township
Michael J. Verna to Anthony C. Beiler, 150 Dove Road, $195,000.
Jeffrey R. Boyd and Tina M. Boyd to Steven R. Kline and Judith A. Kline, 151 S. Mill St., $80,000.
Christopher E. Burns and Laura Richardson Gentry and Laura Richardson Gentry to Samuel Digiosia and Christine Digiosia, 630 W. 3rd St., $226,000.
Matthew M. Winger and Corey S. Winger and Jonathon Winger to Matthew M. Winger, 702 E. 2nd St., $1.
Michael T. Madgin and Amy M. Madgin to Susan F. Cornish, 439 W. 2nd St., $165,000.
Harry P. Painter Estate and Harry Paul Painter Estate and Mark L. Painter to Herbert L. Mohler III, 310 S. Walnut St., $275,000.
Justin Sanders and Shelby Walter and Shelby Sanders to Justin Sanders, 633 E. Philadelphia Ave., $1.
Patrick M. Corbett and Jodi A. Corbett to Jeffery Scott Detwiler and Melissa Ann Laskoski, 620 E. 4th St., $292,000.
Randal P. Quinby to Randal P. Quinby and Edith A. Quinby, 11 E. 5th St., $1.
Cristopher Willey and Cortney Willey to Anthony Malatesta, 105 Schaeffer St., $197,000.
Brecknock Township
Timothy P. Keltz and Donna G. Geddes-Keltz to Michael J. Nawa and Maria Nawa, 5027 Apple Lane, $425,000.
Andrew D. Montgomery and Ashley M. Engelman to Lauren Voelker and Joseph G. Voelker and Christine Voelker, 290 Blimline Road, $220,000.
Caernarvon Township
Nevin G. McGinley and Marissa A. McGinley to Cody Yarger and Jamie Yarger, 2006 Hampton Court, $206,000.
Jennifer L. Keim and Thomas W. Keim and Jennifer L. Nergart to Jennifer L. Keim and Thomas W. Keim, 120 Settlers Trail.
Centre Township
Tina Saylor and Dale R. Saylor to Tina Saylor and Dale R. Saylor, 284 Railroad Road.
Felix A. Tartaglia III and Grace A. Tartaglia to Melissa Gehman, 1034 Yarn Court, $224,900.
Colebrookdale Township
Brett A. Langton and Michelle A. Coe to Trent Matthew Bradford, 498 N. Ironstone Drive, $250,000.
Cumru Township
Kenneth L. Reider Jr. and Jill Reider to Michael J. McGrath, 10 Pinehurst Court, $189,900.
Andrew V. Keffer to Dylan Moyer, 411 Parkside Ave., $215,000.
Cumru Township
Shaun M. Hinks and Shannon J. Hinks and Shannon J. Kinkaid to Carlos Colon Rodriguez, 477 S. Wyomissing Ave., $147,000.
Scott A. Sommers Living Trust and Robin R. Sommers Living Trust to Megan Williams, 2 Glen Hollow Court, $440,000.
Meggan Kerber and Steven J. Kerber to Meggan Kerber and Steven J. Kerber, 30 Dogwood Lane, $1.
Harold J. Michels to Harold J. Michels and Tara Michels, 819 Imperial Drive, $1.
Michael Kozzi and Kathleen Kozzi to Cristina M. Lillis and Matthew J. Lillis, 8 Lavern Court, $320,000.
Perry A. Haas Sr. and Susan A. Haas to Ashley Taylor Camphausen and Colin Patrick Recke, 103 Eric Ave., $250,000.
Robert W. Douglas and Janice M. Douglas to Davin Evanson and Emilee Evanson and Byron Green, 203 Barrington Drive, $305,000.
Christopher D. Katkowski to Yesenia Toribio, 110 Beverly Ave., $269,505.
District Township
Clinton J. Holmes and Martha C. Holmes to Steven S. Weinsteiger and Anthony Weinsteiger, 12 Forgedale Road, $50,000.
Douglass Township
Kathy A. Collingwood to Kevin B. Thanhauser and Sandra M. Thanhauser, 358 Colebrookdale Road, $253,500.
Earl Township
Geraldine L. Jones to Andrea Schmidt, 7813 Boyertown Pike, $1.
Exeter Township
Glenn S. Corbin and Gaye E. Corbin to Robert F. Johnston and Sharon K. Johnston, 817 Lorane Road, $225,000.
Christine A. Breedy and Gregg N. Kuder to John E. Warner and Kimberly A. Mancini, 102 Michele Drive, $301,000.
Caroline K. Dunford to Muhammad Choudhry, 75 Stephanie Road, $460,000.
Bryan K. Rahn to Cordeth Samuda and Narda Rosalene Gayle, 3 Cranberry Ridge, $167,000.
Jacqueline M. Valinote to Kimberly S. Smith and Deanann Hinkin, 72 Christine Drive, $132,500.
Val Sarko and Marina Wilbur to Christian H. Glahn, 317 Melrose Ave., $88,900.
Jacques Jacobson and Jennifer L. Jacobson to Amelinda Olivieri and Roberto Greaves Jr., 248 Pennsylvania Ave., $375,000.
Robert R. Hallman to Thea D. James and Caleb M. James, 11 Elk Court, $264,300.
Gerald T. Frazer and Carol G. Frazer to Gerald T. Frazer Revocable Trust and Carol G. Frazer Revocable Trust, 7500 Meadow Lane, $1.
James J. Cabigas and Jenna L. Cabigas to Rochelle M. Molnar and Trey Molnar, 4385 Hillside Road, $380,000.
Jessenia A. Landron to Olga C. Gomez, 1092 Fox Run, $167,000.
Derrick M. Berndt to Dalisa Mena, 529 Manor Place, $150,000.
James Tanner Post to Maria Teresa Post and Sabrina Cirandine, 90 Stonetown Road, $95,000.
Frederick P. Mengel to Corri Lynn Speakman, 440 Wisteria Ave., $225,000.
Christopher R. Furches to Miguel Jose Gonzalez, 184 Christine Drive, $135,000.
Todd A. Frontz to Todd A. Frontz and Kristan Lynn Frontz, 723 Eastwick Drive, $1.
Brooke M. Specht to Justin Sobotka and Amanda Sobotka, 3 Taylor Drive, $357,000.
Mark E. Cornish and Connie S. Cornish to Veronica M. Capuano, 4923 Apple Drive, $258,100.
Jeri A. Sengstacken to Michelle Anne Dubreuil, 5005 Farming Ridge Blvd., $290,000.
Robert L. Yocom and Jason Yocom to Kristina D. Kerper and Joseph C. Kerper, 104 Constitution Ave., $310,000.
Jane W. Faust Estate and Jane L. Faust Estate to Jerry Arak and Elaine Arak, 366 E. Locust St., $230,000.
Jairo Chavarria and Blanca Chavarria to Sarah-Lyn Subhan, 124 Fleetwood Ave., $225,000.
Heidelberg Township
Ronald E. Bond and Wanda G. Bond to Bond Family Irrevocable Trust, 252 Heidelberg Road.
Ronald E. Bond and Wanda G. Bond to Bond Family Irrevocable Trust, 252 Heidelberg Road.
Joelle Dennis to Jenniffer Jimenez, 1209 Fern Ave., $158,000.
Greg J. Yerger and Denise A. Yerger to Greg J. Yerger, 405 Fairview Drive, $1.
Justin R. Vallone and Melanie Y. Vallone to Errika Gonzalez and Justin Gonzalez, 217 Greenwich St., $176,000.
Jacklyn A. Hess to Demetrious E. Kolevas and Jocelyn D. Kolevas, 3348 Marion St., $80,000.
Maria A. Castro to Blasina Hernandez-Liriano, 3531 Arlington St., $165,000.
Junior R. Rosa Estate and Gloria E. Alves-Cosme to Gloria E. Alves-Cosme, 3601 Earl St., $1.
Donovan J. Lorah and Christina M. Delong to Cecilia Tavarez and Dilvany Arredondo, 2107 Duke St., $240,000.
Youness Elmoutaouaffiq to Pedro J. Valenzuela-Almanzar, 3209 Noble St., $159,810.
Matthew M. Shelak to Nico Edward Caltagirone, 3340 Marion St., $120,250.
Bertha M. Hoffman Irrevocable Trust to Julia A. Brought, 311 Miriam Ave., $185,000.
341 Indian Manor Drive Land Trust to Daniel F. Fisher, 341 Indian Manor Drive, $260,000.
Longswamp Township
Michael L. Miller to Michael L. Miller, 2644 State St., $1.
Mark C. Garvey Estate and Mark Garvey Estate to Susanne K. Garvey, 16 Maple Lane, $1.
Dale M. Stoudt and Deborah A. Stoudt to Dale M. Stoudt and Deborah A. Stoudt and Bradley M. Stoudt, 401 Forrest Road.
Dale M. Stoudt and Deborah A. Stoudt to Dale M. Stoudt and Deborah A. Stoudt and Bradley M. Stoudt, Woodside Ave.
James H. Delp and Jacob T. Delp to Cjr Property LLC, 1101 State St., $320,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Matthew J. McMullen to Corey E. Good and Andrea L. Delo, 1815 Friedensburg Road, $185,000.
Randy D. Reider and Carol L. Reider to Jose Daniel Negron and Belkis Negron, Filbert St Rear and 2804 Filbert St., $200,000.
Diamond Credit Union to Danielle Leigh Hummel and Andrew Joseph Hummel Iv, 195 Old Spies Ch Road, $270,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Palm Road LLC to Corey L. Stuber, 11 Palm Road, $165,000.
Thomas D. Kohl and Thomas D. Kohl Jr. and Beth M. Kohl and Beth M. Auman to Thomas D. Kohl Jr. and Beth M. Kohl, 3 Marlin Ave., $1.
Dino D. Dimariano to Todd C. Reedy and Deana Reedy, 500 Brownsville Road, $700,000.
Craig W. Wieder to Hallie A. Langley, 21 S. Kemp St., $169,900.
Maidencreek Township
Thomas V. Harrigan to Elaine Heller, 419 Acer Drive, $250,000.
Isaiah Adio and Olayemi Adio to Candace Childers, 129 Kensington Blvd., $400,000.
Matthew S. Majestic and Lauren Hartlett and Joseph S. Majestic to Matthew S. Majestic and Lauren Hartlett, 213 Capri Lane, $1.
Randy A. Moyer and Jennifer L. Zook and Jennifer L. Moyer to Nathaniel S. Zook and Jennifer L. Zook, 222 N. View Road.
Ronald A. Strohl Jr. to Camillo Ciaravino and Maria Grazia Ciaravino, 268 Longleaf Drive, $290,000.
Marion Township
Stone Group Inc. and Landmark Builders Inc. and Landmark Homes to Wood Survivors Trust, 124 Rosebush Court, $425,000.
Mary Z. Nolt and Mary Z. Martin to Jordan M. Brubaker, 3795 Wintersville Road, $230,000.
Maxatawny Township
Michael L. Masser and Pamela L. Masser to Matthew Grace and Sherri Grace, 133 Roja Lane, $449,900.
Susan N. Palm to Lilibeth Dilone, 42 Maple St 3a, $107,000.
Kathleen Frederick and Kathleen Lutz to Fred Bernardo and Diane Bernardo, 140 W. Summit St., $142,000.
Jeremy P. Grim and Rachel A. Grim to Rachel A. Grim, 599 Wolfe Lane, $1.
Hector L. Salamo-Luciano to Dylan M. Ambrose, 50 W. Fairview St., $146,100.
Larry L. Koch to Larry L. Koch and Shelly D. Koch, 59 S. Church St., $1.
Mount Penn
Julia A. Brought to Stephanie Ann Ortyl, 4 S. 20th St., $126,500.
Dsa Homes LLC to Courtney G. Thomas Sr., 2545 Perkiomen Ave., $127,000.
Brandon Clark and Elizabeth Clark to Jazmin Martinez-Paris, 2503 Cumberland Ave., $160,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Advanced Loan Servicing LLC to Juan C. Alicea Velez and Juan C. Alicea Velez, 3051 Maple Ave., $184,000.
Justin Gonzalez to Alisandra Rovira Rivera and Alisandra Rovira Rivera, 5106 Kutztown Road, $160,000.
Thomas J. Calvaresi to Morgan Calvaresi and Michael Calvaresi Jr., 2113 Elizabeth Ave., $110,000.
Ryan C. Carter and Dawn M. Buck to Dawn M. Buck, 823 Mt. Laurel Ave., $1.
Gloria M. Yeager to Yancy E. Leon-Lopez and Roberto Perez-Garcia Jr., 3317 Harrison Ave., $213,000.
Forino Co LP to Jose A. Chavez-Santos and Leidy Marian Chavez, Rosalies Way, $232,555.
Samuel De La Cruz to Ronnie F. Diaz Almonte and Ronnie F. Diaz Almonte and Francisco A. Diaz, 625 Cody Drive, $339,000.
Karen Checkamian to Joseph Hall, 942 Lobelia Ave., $220,000.
Elizabeth A. Manno and Thomas A. Manno to Karla Alfaro, 1113 Showers Lane, $250,000.
Edward J. Skoczen and Wendy L. Skoczen to Helen R. Ramos and Missael A. De Jesus, 1015 Boeshore Cr, $340,000.
Carolyn A. Miles and Carolyn A. Duncan to Carolyn A. Miles, 3638 Willingham Ave., $1.
Michael Corisdeo to Leann Nicole Morgan and Patrick James Doyle, 3423 River Road, $393,000.
Daniel H. Chupak and Demetria P. Chupak to Charles D. Stricker Jr. and Tanya J. Stricker, 909 Sofianos Road, $360,000.
Robert Carvajal to Lazaro Pepen and Sunilda Tejada, 619 Ebersole Road, $135,000.
Perry Township
1025 Berkshire LP to Metropolitan Edison Company, 53 Bellevue Ave., $300,000.
Jeremy J. Troxell and Karyn L. Troxell and Karyn L. Bossler to Jeremy J. Troxell and Karyn L. Troxell, 326 Forest Lane.
Joann Himmelberger Estate and Jo Ann Himmelberger Estate to Derek N. Gerhart and Ashley E. Spatz, 1152 Main St., $170,000.
Sandra Hart and Sandra Sullivan to Juan Cabrera and Tomasina Cabrera, 1013 N. 4th St., $80,000.
Nelson A. Soto and Mirna Iris Rodriguez and Mirna I. Soto to Benjamin M. White, 1031 Marion St., $160,000.
Teh Realty Ix LLC and T. E H Realty Ix LLC and to Eevee Real Estate LLC and , 210 S. 3rd St. and 2707 R Bernville Road, $142,000.
Genice Nash-Cottle Estate and Genice D. Nash Estate to Kirk Cottle, 448 W. Oley St., $1.
Robert W. Behney Jr. and Linda K. Behney to Craig A. Lohr and Megan E. Lohr, 911 Gregg Ave., $110,000.
Dean A. McCartney to Alexander B. Szczukowski, 810 Old Wyomissing Road, $211,000.
Elizabeth Lantigua De Pena and Elizabeth Lantigua De Pena to Leonardo Rojas Hernandez and Leonardo Rojas Hernandez, 1003 Oley St., $115,000.
Ariel Lantigua to Welkenia Y. Batista and Kimberly B. Batista, 1201 Douglass St., $140,000.
Cesar Rivera-Oquendo to Elena M. Baez Polanco and Elena M. Baez Polanco, 609 Alton Ave., $165,000.
Kaitlyn G. Andrews and James F. Andrews to Marcelo C. Fernandez and Marilyn Feliciano, 1313 N. 13th St., $153,000.
Louise S. Fisher and Steven W. Fisher to Matthew J. Chalupa and Brianna C. Gallo, 1514 N. 15th St., $247,000.
Octavio Consuelos to Gregory J. Olivares, 931 Greenwich St., $80,000.
Jane R. Evans Estate to Yusetty Paredes Solano and Yusetty Paredes Solano, 1035 Perry St., $117,000.
Jr.heller Comllc to Ruben Dario Batista Nunez, 847 N. 11th St., $45,000.
Freddie Housing 2 LLC to Freddys Housing 2 LLC, 219 S. 5th St., $1.
Aquilina Reyes Estate to Loli Management LLC, 117 S. 8th St., $30,000.
Fsr Reality LLC to Helivett Shayra Ramirez Casado, 222 N. 9th St., $110,000.
Shirley S. Aughtry Estate and Shirlestine Aughtry Estate and Shirlstine Aughtry Estate to Sipriana Guillot and Maria E. Cidron, 1328 N. 6th St., $119,000.
Andrea Heredia and Francisco Eduardo Carreno Garcia and Francisco Eduardo Carreno Garcia to Francisco Eduardo Carreno Garcia, 1048 Culvert St.
Alan Sokol to 3rd Street LLC, 1810 N. 5th St., $550,000.
Easton H. Brown and Gaye Brown to Deliana Diaz, 48 Crestmont St., $150,000.
Overlord Real Estate Holdings LLC to Kristine Maldonado, 1158 Perkiomen Ave., $101,000.
Roberto Perez Garcia to Jose Luis Laboy De Jesus, 313 Arlington St., $175,000.
Anthony Ramirez to Caridad Dejesus Gomez De Kelly and Caridad Dejesus Gomez De Kelly, 432 Bingaman St., $86,000.
Deyci A. Ferreira to Dickson Trinidad, 1651 A N. 10th St., $57,900.
Chb Sports Inc. to Bowlero Reading LLC, 801 Hiester Lane, $1,528,580.
Timothy R. Gochanour and Dorena Lynn Gochanour to Riegel Homes LLC, 1245 Cotton St., $50,000.
Hilary R. Blasick and David L. Sloyer to Dianelis C. Estrella, 402 Spring St., $145,000.
Jeffrey A. Schulze and Cheryl A. Schulze to Carol Ann-Marie Chandler, 1843 Fairview St., $105,000.
R. Jay Geiger to Leonela A. Severino De Batista and Leonela A. Severino De Batista, 730 N. 11th St., $134,900.
Trg Construction LLC to Riegel Homes LLC, 314 S. 8th St., $50,000.
Rosa Bobe to Obispo Familia, 533 Moss St., $15,000.
Christopher Ayala to Jesus Lopez-Cortes, 1711 Thorn St., $83,000.
John R. Woram and Jill W. Woram to Jesus Poianco Munoz, 345 N. 12th St., $67,500.
Mark A. Larrick and Stephanie D. Seltzer Larrick and Stephanie D. Seltzer Larrick to Moriah Galloway, 849 Delta Ave., $128,500.
Wcf Properties LLC to Agapitol Santana-Javier and Maria De Los Angeles Cruz Bourdier, 536 Locust St., $72,000.
Cesar A. Martinez to Lala Brazoban Gerardo and Lala Brazoban Gerardo, 924 N. 11th St., $135,000.
Gail F. Van Buskirk to Van Buskirk Family Irrevocable Trust, 1927 N. 17th St.
Pedro E. Colon Figueroa to Amyjakira Vizcarrondo and Benjamin Rodriguez and Carlos Cruz, 1137 N. 12th St., $140,000.
Ynerva M. Duarte to Clodomiro A. Marte Calderon and Sugeiry Rosario Duarte, 430 Lancaster Ave., $90,000.
Upgrowth LLC to Emmanuel Mercado-Ortiz, 937 Birch St., $54,000.
City of Reading and Reading City to Reading Parking Authority, 423 Schuylkill Ave., $25,000.
Mary K. Haney Estate and Mary Katherine Rivera Estate to Jamie L. Drumheller and James C. Klinger, 1226 Green St., $90,000.
Ramon A. Carrero and Maricelis Morales to Norma Enid Malave, 806 Douglass St., $1.
Ismael Rodriquez to Palo Homes LLC, 1124 Locust St., $40,000.
Cruz E. Mercedes and Maria Perez-De Goico to Mireya C. Reynoso, 1121 South St., $14,000.
Ricardo Villasenor to Leslie Juan, 828 Master St., $80,000.
Next Level Investment LLC to Diana M. Robinson and Hortense Samuda, 20 Croyden Tc, $120,000.
Mary Ann Caldwell to Edward L. Stauffer, 121 W. Oley St., $60,000.
Jeffrey Widdoss and Aileen Widdoss to Bioivit Reading Property LLC, 16 S. 4th St., $240,000.
Edward P. Ostrowski to Sunflower Capital LLC, 1163 N. 11th St., $80,000.
Nilda Esther Pacheco and Nilda Esther Solorio to Delia Hernandez and Gabriel Jose Torres, 1125 Luzerne St., $1.
Elizabeth T. Hill and Allan J. Hill to Maria Y. Camacho and Peter Nieves, 1310 Kenney St., $60,000.
William L. Neithamer to Tmc 1 LLC, 730 N. 3rd St. and 743 Thorn St., $250,000.
Tyler H. Lance and Elizabeth L. Geisinger and Elizabeth L. Lance to Tyler H. Lance and Elizabeth L. Lance, 1205 E. Wyomissing Blvd.
Ricky M. Collins to Edwin H. Ruiz-Aviles, 306 R S. 7th St. and 308 R S. 7th St., $10,000.
Earlie R. Lucas to Yaritsa Ventura and Juan L. Acosta Mercado, 1212 Luzerne St., $137,000.
Ivonne I. Mateo to Jose Miguel Espinal and Gladys M. Castillo Machuca and Gladys M. Castillo Machuca, 212 Moss St., $12,000.
Cindy May Lamp to Leonardo Diaz and Patricia Cortes Espinoza, 1624 N. 10th St., $10,000.
Maria T. Cordero and Eduardo Martinez to Edwin Gonzalez Balaguer, 740 Summit Chase Drive, $145,000.
Aion Group LLC and T&f Holdings LLC to Fermin Martinez, 219 W. Windsor St., $55,000.
Pagoda Real Estate LLC to More For Less LLC, 530 S. 17 1/2 St., $40,000.
Raul Galban to Joseph Mario Rodriguez, 108 S. 4th St., $133,000.
Stephan D. Lutz Estate to Brianna I. Ochoa Pena and Brianna I. Ochoa Pena, 1350 Buttonwood St., $70,000.
Pagoda Real Estate LLC to More For Less LLC, 336 N. 13th St., $38,000.
Richmond Township
Eric Hartman and Karen Hartman to Karen Hartman, 99 Virginville Road, $1.
Joshua A. Eddinger and Elizabeth L. Eddinger and Elizabeth L. Findley to Elizabeth L. Eddinger and Joshua A. Eddinger, 239 Poplar St., $1.
Crash Pad Properties LLC to Andrew Troy Manbeck, 1833 Moselem Sprngs Road, $287,000.
David L. Hartman and Doreen Roper and Lois R. Hall to Lori Zimmerman, 12 Eli Drive, $179,900.
Virginville Properties LLC to Sarah Ellen Wanner-Sekella and William Edward Sekella, 458 Main St., $80,000.
Robeson Township
Mark L. Hough and Pamela J. Hough to James Szarawara and Diana Szarawara, 361 Golf Course Road, $410,000.
Oak Grove Partners LLC to Daniel J. Nugent and Jessica N. Nugent, 50 Swan Drive, $124,000.
Silviu Povoroznic to A. T Freeman LLC, Old River Road, $2,000.
Oak Grove Partners LLC to David R. Shade and Lesley Hope Aronson, 50 Swan Drive, $119,000.
Ryan Snook to Christopher M. Ciervo and Lara G. Sheidy, 134 Pennbrook Ave., $142,000.
Jack L. Keener and Klassen Construction to Eric Quaintance and Tracie Quaintance, 411 Smokering Drive, $240,043.
Ruscombmanor Township
Bernard A. Franckowiak and Christine Franckowiak to Joshua J. Blessing and Ashley N. Blessing, 54 Timothy Leo Court, $487,000.
Betty A. Sterner Estate and Wayne A. Levan to Gail A. Hook and Mark T. Clauss, 3626 Pricetown Road, $237,000.
Kyle Hoffman and Amy Hoffman to Steven W. Yeakel and Ruth E. Yeakel, 109 Oak Lane, $325,000.
Stephen D. Kaufman and Denise A. Kaufman to 39 E. Lancaster Pa Wco LLC, 39 E. Lancaster Ave., $550,000.
Pedro A. Rosario to Pedro A. Rosario and Zaida Guadalupe, 102 S. Waverly St.
Heather E. Rapp to Brandon Hills, 127 Washington St., $102,250.
Sharon S. Bennecoff to Studdard-Jones LLC, 902 Main St., $60,732.
M. Riegel Properties LLC to James M. Robertson and Cheryl L. Robertson, 204 E. Noble Ave., $155,000.
Sinking Spring
Rafael Guzman to Nicolas D. Leiva Rivera and Karmina L. Pena Medrano, 46 S. Hull St., $160,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Douglas A. Walters Estate to Alan D. Rowlands and Jerri A. Rowlands and Daniel McCormack Jr., 13 Maywood Ave., $193,000.
Mary L. Holoman to Nicholas Philip Nicoletti and Brooke M. Nicoletti, 302 Carriage Drive, $295,000.
Spring Township
Beverly A. Bernhard and Dominic J. Illiano Jr. to Christopher C. Riggins, 2700 Girard Ave., $175,300.
Karim Davidson and Reynelle Davidson to Gleny A. Moncion De Cortes, 526 Calco Ave., $225,000.
Anna M. Killian to Francisco Saillant, 106 Montieth Ave., $145,000.
Marcelino M. Colon Jr. to Marcelino M. Colon Jr. and Maria E. Colon, 809 Rosemont Court, $10.
Berks County Mortgage Company Inc. to Dino Secondino, 2900 State Hill Rd I4, $118,500.
Natalie Pingitore to Morgan Rae Reed, 528 Hain Road, $235,545.
Ralph George and Kelly L. Rupp-George and Kelly L. Rupp George to Luis Felipe Luna and Christie Adislene Luna, 403 Unami Drive, $352,000.
Penelope Tzafaras to Joseph P. Reno and Arden N. Reno, 305 Bard Ave., $350,000.
Daniel J. McIntosh and Laura L. McIntosh to Lori Ann Sell, 501 Harvard Blvd., $247,500.
Elizabeth C. Fischer Estate to Guia S. Lipawen, 306 Charleston Lane, $305,000.
Shannon L. Unger and Brandon R. Unger to Franko A. Padilla, 817 Broadcasting Road, $360,000.
Terry E. Van Pelt and Suzanne C. Van Pelt to John Bassetti and Dea Nicole Bassetti, 126 S. Morwood Ave., $205,000.
Mini J. Castaneda to Pragathi Bysani and Vijay Kumar Bysani and Vijay Kumar Bysani, 200 Nicole Way, $211,000.
Rebecca Kennedy and Gisela G. Lawrence and Guy T. Lawrence to Rebecca Kennedy and Gisela G. Lawrence, 202 Jefferson Blvd.
Athanasios E. Douventzidis and Lesley M. Douventzidis to Brett Miller and Lori Miller, 1413 Stone Ridge Road, $750,000.
William L. Landis Estate and William Leroy Landis Estate to Nighat Noureen Abbas, 109 Hawthorne Court, $325,000.
Peter A. Garvey and Gina L. Garvey to Katelyn Quirin Manwiller and Alex James Manwiller and Katelyn Quirin Manwiller, 801 Evergreen Drive, $330,000.
Connie J. Kendig to David C. Naugle and Lisa A. Naugle, 123 Oak Hill Lane, $260,000.
Robert M. Gutmann to Athanasios E. Douventzidis and Lesley M. Douventzidis, 810 Rosemont Court, $315,000.
Navinchandra B. Shah and Nalini N. Shah to Richard A. Curran and Judith J. Curran, 603 Rosemont Court, $300,000.
Betty M. Lehman Estate to Seraphina T. Chabinec, 5 Stratford Cr, $215,000.
St Lawrence
Francis X. Dirvin to Jason C. Croft, 3724 St Lawrence Ave., $180,000.
Tilden Township
Kenneth W. Kauftman And Gloria G Kauffman Revocable Living Trust to Thomas Michael Ryan and Samantha Jean Ryan, 203 Hazel St., $247,000.
Jeffrey R. Kessler and Carla L. Rioux to Daniel Wolf and Louise Wolf, 541 W. State St., $1.
Harold W. Drumheller Estate to Glenn A. Moore Jr. and Crystal L. Moore, 30 W. Smith St.
Tulpehocken Township
Eric R. Loose and Ann E. Loose to Eric R. Loose, 273 Greble Road, $1.
Union Township
Darlene P. Pfeiffer and Thomas C. Pfeiffer to U. S Bank Trust National Association and Dwelling Series IV Trust, 624 Hopewell St., $170,000.
Mildred A. Fisher 2007 Insurance Trust For Benefit of Jeffrey T Fisher and Jeffrey T. Fisher and Joseph A. Bellinghieri to Mildred A. Fisher 2007 Insurance Trust For Benefit of Jeffrey T Fisher and Joseph A. Bellinghieri and Jeffrey T. Fisher, 279 Spruce Drive, $1.
David H. Kennedy Estate to Colt L. Staton, 1018 Chestnut St., $295,000.
Rebecca C. Humphries and David J. Humphries to Lauren Erbicella and Glen Gabriel, 3 York Road, $466,500.
Upper Bern Township
Scott S. Adams and Marlene J. Adams to Thomas M. Zimmerman, 5869 Old Rte 22, $97,500.
Scott S. Adams and Marlene J. Adams to Thomas M. Zimmerman, 5867 Old Rte 22, $97,500.
Upper Tulpehocken Township
Millers On Main Flp to Berks Property Vault LLC, 85 Main St., $416,000.
Sangha Brothers LLC to Michael Bisking and Steven M. Bisking and Tana L. Murphy, 34 S. Reber St., $200,000.
Christina Harter to Jarrod A. Care and Jaletzi L. Morales, 139 Werner St., $159,994.
West Reading
Peter Pendergast and Adrienne Pendergast to Diana M. Rosario, 351 Linden Lane, $175,000.
Andrew Roland and Nicholas Lambros to Jesus Echevarria Pina, 121 S. 4th Ave., $177,400.
Loretta Nentwig to Robert Howard Hammonds and Angela Marie Hammonds, 147 Tulpehocken Ave., $220,000.
Barry Kelchner and Darlene Heckman to Barry J. Kelchner and Darlene K. Kelchner, 43 Seltzer Ave., $1.
Yogesh S. Shah and Mrudula Y. Shah to Darpan Singhal and Smita Singhal, 66 S. Hampton Drive, $325,000.
Michael T. Hinkley and Tyler N. Hinkley and Tyler N. Wade to Douglas Robert Bodden Jr., 25 E. Park Road, $205,500.
Stephen R. King and Shelley Anne King to Christopher C. Muvdi and Anne W. Muvdi, 1326 Delaware Ave., $695,000.
Paul J. Shipper Jr. and Virginia L. Shipper to David Parker and Rachel Parker, 42 Wingert Road.
David Y. Bausher and Michele M. Bausher to Erik Uliasz and Amy Heitzinger Uliasz, 1527 Cleveland Ave., $265,000.
Kevin R. Maluchnik to Brooke Specht, 128 Deborah Drive, $605,000.
Anthony T. Laparo Estate to Mark V. Yourkavitch, 936 Sunnyside Ave., $310,000.
Suzanne C. Funk Estate to Luisa F. Salas-Alvarez, 533 N. Wyomissing Blvd., $180,000.
Multiple municipalities
William E. James to Wade Emerson Bieber and Victoria Grace Bieber, Center Road, $50,000.
Reinoehl Living Trust to Pamela F. Wolfe, 414 S. Brobst St., $140,000.

Berks County real estate transactions for Sept. 5 – Reading Eagle Source link Berks County real estate transactions for Sept. 5 – Reading Eagle

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