Berks County Needs Voting Workers for Elections

As the election day approaches, Berks County faces a shortage of people who are willing to sign in to voters and spend a day making sure the voting system works.

Commissioner Kevin Beirne said Thursday that the county was in desperate need of voting workers in a small number of constituencies throughout the county. These districts are located in Muhlenberg Township, Kutztown, Topton and Reading.

“We take anyone from anywhere in the county,” he said. “I can’t get to my precincts. I may be sent elsewhere, but I have training before the election day.”

Each of the 202 constituencies in the county requires at least five staff to operate effectively. The election judge is in charge of the site. Two inspectors in charge of the voting book. Voting machine inspector. And the clerk.

According to Bernhard, the county has English as a second language and needs an interpreter to help citizens who need language assistance when voting.

Want to do a poll?

Qualification: Polling place workers must be Burkes registered voters and must be at least 18 years old. Students attending through school have different requirements.

time: From 6:00 am to 8:00 pm on November 2nd.

payment: $ 180 in all positions. All workers will be paid $ 10 to attend a training session. Judges are also paid for travel and some other items.

training: New workers, judges and mechanical inspectors are required to attend one of the training sessions.

For more information: To become a pole worker, call Berks County Election Services (610-478-6490) or send an email to

Berks County Needs Voting Workers for Elections

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