Berks County Government Jobs: A Series of Openings

A little off the usual themes of crime and public security, we discuss a number of concerns, employment.

At least in my life, there has never been a better time to look for a job. That applies not only to the public sector but also to private companies. Just before the actual pandemic, there was a time when you had to climb a pile of bodies to get a chance to get a decent wage job in a county, state, or federal government.

Where else can I get traditional pensions and lots of paid leave, including those that aren’t recognized as holidays, like Black Friday?

How have I changed things? Click the Employment Opportunity link on the Berks County Government website to see a series of classified ads.

This list includes office / office support managers (some across various offices in the county government), human service caseworkers, facility managers, juvenile and adult probation officers, and 9-1-1 telephone officers. Includes legal staff, snack shop coordinator / catering.

The District Attorney’s Office is even considering holding positions, including assistant district attorneys and forensic computer specialists.

Now, to become a legal clerk or assistant district attorney, you need to have a law degree. However, some of these jobs (eg, prison officers) do not require an education beyond a high school degree or a general equivalent diploma. There aren’t many jobs that pay high school graduates $ 50,051 a year (the first base salary of a county prison officer) for severance, paid leave, and health insurance.

The fact that these jobs weren’t fully fulfilled is annoying. A $ 50,000 a year job (which probably doesn’t include $ tens of thousands of overtime income) can be a life for anyone struggling to raise a family with a household income of $ 30,000 or less. It’s something to change.

I’ve looked at some requirements, but given the wages and benefits associated with work, they don’t seem a bit daunting. However, shift work is required, including weekends, and there is friction there.

People may have applied for and been hired for these jobs, but it’s not the speed at which people go to other jobs, retire, or simply quit.

Mass retirement begins here. There isn’t enough space here to talk about why people quit, but it’s no exaggeration to say that many people quit their jobs beyond working conditions, such as shift work where they can’t go to their children. Night and weekend games.

During the summer, at a get-together, I talked to a former colleague who had a connection with the county. Beth (not her real name) and I were worried about the number of positions the county was trying to fill at a recent job fair.

I mentioned that long before the pandemic, I read an article about how high school and college students’ summer jobs weren’t fulfilled. For some of the reasons given, a new generation of students preferred to open weekends to go to the beach or hang out with friends.

Beth said she had been working in her parents’ store since she was 13. They didn’t give her money to buy things, and I didn’t. We had to make money.

Beth said he managed to play softball and other sports from middle school to high school. It helped her parents build her schedule around her employer and her games and practice, but they did it for other employees as well.

Equally important, summer, after-school, and weekend work was a way for her to interact with people over her age. People from different disciplines. It may be related to having worked in a restaurant for several years in college.

It is related to the anxiety and depression that is prevalent among high school and college students today, who knows, perhaps avoiding work for a fun pursuit, or gaining a competitive edge in sports and other interests.

Work can be an antidote to isolation and loneliness, if not self-satisfaction.

And you will be rewarded for it.

Berks County Government Jobs: A Series of Openings

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