Berks County adds 142 COVID cases when the state sets delta surge records

In the 10-week delta variant episode of the COVID-19 pandemic, the longest-running pandemic surge once seemed to begin to subside, but then a bad statistic day hit.

Thursday was like this State Department Dashboard Update..

Among them, Berks County has accumulated near-record numbers, Pennsylvania has set records for Delta cases, and deaths have skyrocketed in Berks and throughout the state.

Burkes added 142, 10 less than the Delta record, for a total pandemic of 52,829. Results were obtained from 500 tests.

The 7-day and 14-day averages rose slightly to 119 and 116, respectively.

Daily updates are aggregates of previous day’s results (Wednesday in this case). The average smoothes the non-uniform test process.

Throughout Pennsylvania, there were 5,786 new cases, blasting the previous record of 4,816 on September 2. And it was the day after 4,812, close to Wednesday’s record.

The total number of pandemic cases in the state has exceeded 1.36 million and is now close to 1.37 million.

Berks County COVID Dashboard

The latest high water mark is about half of the total daily cases that occur throughout the state during peak winter outbreaks. However, during that surge, there were more than 10,000 cases in just 12 days, the most tragic of the 18-month pandemic.

Each new case is a new person who tested positive. Approximately 6% of cases are breakthrough infections, which means that people who have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks have become ill.

There are no statistics on people infected within two weeks of being completely vaccinated, or a single-dose crowd that accounts for about 5% of the total number of vaccinations, tens of thousands in Burkes, and hundreds of thousands across the state.

There are also no statistics on the number of people with multiple infections.

With a population of about 429,000, Burks accounts for 3.3% of the state’s population, and a Thursday update showed that it accounts for about 2.5% of the state’s COVID cases.

Death and hospitalization

Burkes added six COVID deaths in a dashboard update, bringing the total pandemic to 1,072. The state did not provide details, but the deaths were probably already reported by the county coroner’s office earlier in the week.

72 people were killed across Pennsylvania, bringing the total pandemic to 28,768. It was the best in the day of the surge.

Still, the death toll is less than the first outbreak in spring 2020 and the surge in winter.

Demographics show that the age group under 60 is much higher in terms of number of cases, and the age group over 60 is far more severely affected by death.

The latest total shows that 167 Pennsylvanians in their 30s died in a pandemic and 400 died in their 40s. However, the total jumps to about 6,700 in the 70’s and 8,700 in the 80’s.

Hospitalization with COVID was a bit brighter with daily updates to the dashboard.

The Burkes hospital had 60 patients, 9 of whom were thought to be receiving critical care. This deviates from the recent surge peaks of 73 and 15, respectively.

In Pennsylvania as a whole, the total number of cases was 10 less and in the ICU 4 less. The total was 2,323 and 560, respectively.

The number of deaths that explains the decline in hospitalizations is unknown.

But in Burkes, the situation is a bit clearer.

NS Read hospital dashboard updates Thirty-six patients were seen Thursday morning. There were 5 discharges to the ICU and 7 discharges in the last 24 hours with no deaths.

latest Penn State Health St. Joseph Dashboard Update A total of 13 patients and 4 critical care patients were shown. Of these, groundbreaking cases include three hospitalized patients, one of whom is receiving critical care.

The numbers rarely match due to the different timing of state reports and hospital updates.


For COVID vaccination in the Thursday update, Burkes added 358 completions, with a partial column increase of 27. This shows the number of people who started the process and the number of people who finished the process, as more than 9 out of 10 vaccinations were due to two doses of Pfizer or Moderna products.

The total number of new pandemics was 201,297, which included 22,903 partials. Partial columns rarely fall below 21,000 in the last few months.

The Department of Health was trying to reach out to those who blew off the second shot.

Around 10,000 more vaccinations were completed across the state, reducing partial rows by 474.

The total of these pandemics was 6.1 million and 725,501, respectively.

The partial line bottomed out at nearly 630,000 prior to the surge in Delta vaccination. It is unknown how many people may still get a second shot and how many will skip it.

CDC statistics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention These numbers in Burks In the latest update:

  • 841: Case, 7 days in total
  • 9.29%: Positive
  • High: Community expansion
  • 218,298: Completely inoculated

CDC vaccination statistics provide a more complete picture of vaccination efforts.

At the beginning of the week, CDC statistics showed a sharp decline in cases nationwide. However, their numbers changed over the next few days. In some cases, the decline has become a rebound.

CDC Reading Eagle In some states, numbers didn’t come on time, amounts were backfilled, and the 7-day average changed.

NS Latest 7-day national average It is 145,675, an increase from 137,284 on September 10. The delta peak was 159,260 on August 31st.


New case: 142

Total pandemic: 52,829

14-day average: 116

Death: State, 1,072; Coroner, 1,017

Complete vaccination: 218,298

Berks County adds 142 COVID cases when the state sets delta surge records

Source link Berks County adds 142 COVID cases when the state sets delta surge records

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