Berks Catholic comeback is inadequate for Archbishop Carroll, PIAA Class 4A Men’s Basketball Opener

Berks Catholic coach Snip Estherly knew that Archbishop Carroll’s records and sowing had been fooled.

He knew the challenge the Patriots posed to the saints in the first round of the PIAA Class 4A Men’s Basketball Playoffs.

“They are very good,” Estherly said. “I think they are as good as reading.”

It was Berks County’s ultimate compliment, and Estherly might have been right.

Second grade Moses Hips scored 31 points as Archbishop Carroll postponed a ferocious rally to defeat Berks Catholic 68-61 at the Wolf Gymnasium on Tuesday night.

The Patriots (13-10), 5th seed in District 12, advanced to the second round match against Mid Valley or Athens on Friday.

District 3 champion Saints (23-5) has reached the end of the season. They dragged 54-27 in the middle of the third quarter and then chased 58-34 near the end before making an enthusiastic comeback.

They scored 19 consecutive points in one stretch and reduced their deficit to 6 points twice in the fourth quarter.

“It tells a lot about these kids,” Estherly said. “It says everything. These guys never stop. So I like them very much. I ran.

“We had the opportunity to reduce it to three. Ryan (Koch) had an open three, but he usually fills it. It would have been really noisy here.”

Dean Coleman-New England scored 12 points for the Patriots, but the Patriots didn’t seem to have been idle for 20 days. They led 16-7 after a quarter, leading 37-18 in half-time, lagging behind some great outdoor shoots and defenses in size and length.

“We have carried out the plan,” said Carroll’s coach Francis Bow Jr. “We knew they could shoot their noses from the ball. You saw it in the second half. We put pressure on their point guard, Jay Jay (Jordan). If he could, he was a great ball player, but thought he could get tired by the third or fourth quarter.

“We defended well. We made them uncomfortable.”

Jordan scored 21 points despite sitting for a few minutes with three fouls in the first half. Koch scored 18 points, and Aidan Sand, one of the two Barks Catholic senior starters who played the last high school match, scored 11 points.

“We came out slowly,” Sands said. “I came out slowly. We had to be nervous and realize that this was our last chance. We fought as hard as we could.”

6-4 Hipps, which have already been offered by several Big 5 schools, were great in the first three quarters. He had 25 points, including four 3 points. Overall, he made 7 out of 13 shots from the field and 13 out of 16 free throws.

“No one can be left on the team (to help),” Estherly said. “They can shoot everything. Hipps … what a hell. Once it’s over, it works.”

Coleman-Newsam bowed down to the basket, giving Carol a 56-32 lead, leaving a third at 1:20. Until Coleman-Newsam scored a layup at 2:55 and played, everyone in the building rarely expected it to be the Patriots’ final point.

Jordan and Koch each scored 8 points, and Sands capped in a 3-point play to 58-51, 3:07.

Koch drilled 3 to 60-54 and then another drill to cut 67-61, with 8.8 seconds left.

Berks Catholic made only 12 out of 26 free throws, including 13 to 5 by Jordan.

“We didn’t hit a shot,” Estherly said. “You have to do your foul shot to keep it close. If you made eight more in that run, that might have been another story.”

Sands then smiled, even though the saints made a very difficult draw in the first round.

“I realized this could be my last match,” he said. “I had to do whatever I could. I was excited and then more excited. I just didn’t have enough.”

Berks Catholic comeback is inadequate for Archbishop Carroll, PIAA Class 4A Men’s Basketball Opener

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