Benefits of IT outsoursing services

As the name implies (outer source using), IT outsourcing is the transfer of a business company to the maintenance of its computer base to another organization.


An outsourcing company specializing in such services undertakes to guarantee IT maintenance of PCs and servers for the duration of the contract, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of computers and peripheral equipment of the customer.


In addition to this basic service, the contractor usually provides other related services, which include:

* optimal configuration of software and hardware;

* preventive work to minimize the likelihood of software and hardware failures;

* systematic software update;

* restriction of access of employees of the serviced organization to confidential information;

* submission to the management of the customer company of technical proposals for the modernization of its computer base;

* implementation of modernization.


It is quite difficult to imagine the successful activity of any enterprise today without competent involvement of the latest dedicated software development in the field of information technology.  To resolve operational issues, many firms are ready to engage third-party contractors, ordering IT outsourcing – subscription services for computers, servers, network and peripheral equipment, telephony.  What are the advantages of this service, and what stops those who are trying to get by in solving the issues of operating IT services on their own?


Benefits of IT outsourcing


Significant reduction in the cost of operating IT services.  Professional services are cheaper due to:

-simultaneous performance by the contractor of many typical tasks (usually for several customers at once);

– a narrow specialization contractor

Clear control over the costs of operating IT services, because:

-work is carried out in accordance with the contract (agreement on the level of service quality, SLA) and have a strictly agreed budget;

– SLA parameters can be changed depending on the wishes of the customer, that is, any budget change, both up and down, will be agreed in advance

A noticeable increase in the level of quality and efficiency of IT services due to:

– the contractor has solid work experience in the required specialty;

– Opportunities to attract to work the employees of the company who are familiar with the specifics of its work “from the inside”.

Maximum concentration on the main (core) business tasks, because:

-execution of auxiliary tasks does not need additional control (the degree of interaction between the customer and the contractor is described in the contract).


Disadvantages of IT outsourcing


  1. Low qualifications and bad faith of some contractors, entailing risks:

* information leaks;

* deterioration in the quality of the service provided;

* increasing the final cost of the ordered service

  1. Excessive isolation of the process given to the contractor for execution, as a result of which it is possible:

* acceptance by the contractor of erroneous (inadequate) decisions that negatively affect the main activities of the company

But if you correctly and consistently choose an IT outsourcing services, then the disadvantages of outsourcing in most cases can be avoided.  And, despite the existing shortcomings, IT outsourcing is regarded by most modern managers as a necessary condition for further successful development and increasing the competitiveness of their own enterprise.

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