Barks man convicted of sexually assaulting woman in Pottstown

NORRISTOWN — A man in Burks County has been detained to wait for a trial without bail after being convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in Pottstown.

Jean Mitell Petit, 31, who wrote his address in 100 blocks of Shady Brook Drive in the Douglassville section of Amity Township, was sexually assaulted and obscene with others without consent in connection with the June 2019 incident. He was convicted in the Montgomery County Court for assault. In Pottstown.

Judge Thomas P. Rogers ruled after a trial other than the jury trial. Rogers remands Petit to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility without bail, where he is detained until a sentence is issued.

Prior to the ruling, Rogers ordered Petit to undergo a psychological evaluation. Petit, who listed his previous address in Thorndale, Chester County, also faces the assessment of sexually violent predators by state authorities.

Petit can face up to 6 to 12 years in prison after being charged. However, state sentencing guidelines may allow fewer judgments.

According to court documents, the investigation was conducted in July 2019 when a detective in Pottstown received information about the sexual assault that occurred from June 27 to June 28 at Quality Inn on West King Street in the Autonomous Region. It started in.

Victims revealed that she had met Petit through her work and agreed to spend time with him on June 27, according to a criminal accusation filed by former Pottstown detective Heather Long, who is now a county detective. did.

“They spent a few hours together before going to Quality Inn’s Petit hotel room,” long claimed in an arrest affidavit, where Petit was there between June 27 and June 28. Added evidence that the room was rented.

According to court documents, the woman agreed to a sexual encounter when she arrived in the room.

Later, when Petit tried to establish a sexual relationship with the woman again, she turned down his progress, the detective claimed. However, according to court documents, Petit continued to have sexual contact with the woman.

The victim “told Petit to stop,” she tried to resist, but Petit continued to assault, Long claimed.

Caroline Goldstein, assistant district attorney, was in charge of the prosecution. Attorney Francis Genovese represented Petit.

Previously, allegations of tort detention were dismissed against Petit at a lower court hearing.

Barks man convicted of sexually assaulting woman in Pottstown

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