Barks having problems with electronic voting books

Berks County officials said this morning they were aware of issues affecting the new electronic poll book used in the primary.

Authorities said paper polls were distributed throughout the county.

this is All county constituencies are the first election It was to use an electronic voting book.

Release from the county was less specific about the problem and the scope of the problem.

Officials said the details behind the issue would be reviewed after the election day and a full explanation would be provided at that time.

Electronic voting books are closed, updated in real time, and are similar to tablet computers. They were loaded with a complete list of registered voters in a particular constituency and were to replace the paper roster of registered voters in each constituency.

The Commissioner purchased 440 electronic poll books from Election Systems & Software last year for $ 1.1 million. Although the devices have been certified by state election authorities, the county was encouraged to try them on a pilot basis before being widely implemented.

The county tested books at five polling stations last fall.

Today was the first time the book was used in all constituencies, so in April the Electoral Commission decided to put a printed vote in each constituency as a last resort.

Barks having problems with electronic voting books

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