Barks below Pa overall in COVID case metrics

A surge in low-grade COVID cases was evident throughout Berks County and Pennsylvania for the fourth straight week. Weekly Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard From the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The dashboard compares the week ending on Thursday with the week ending on April 21st.

In Berks County, there were seven more cases than last week, with a case rate of 35.1 per 100,000 population and a positive rate of 5.9%.

The key indicators (case rate and positive rate) are well below the state average. However, this week did not include 58 and 54 cases on Friday and Saturday, respectively. This is the biggest day since late February.

In Pennsylvania as a whole, there were plus 903 cases, 66.3 per 100,000, with a positive rate of 8.0%.

Dashboards show that populous counties, including those adjacent to Philadelphia, are still driving a state surge. However, Philadelphia itself has seen a significant reduction in cases, down 771 from the previous week.

COVID is rampant in Bradford County, on the New York border in north-central Pennsylvania. It has a population of just under 60,000 and includes the towns of Towanda and Sayre.

The number of cases in Bradford was 77 more than the previous week, with a case rate of 386.3 per 100,000 and a positive rate of 18.3%. These types of numbers reflect the Omicron surge that began in 2022.

It is considered a high COVID-risk county by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with neighboring Susquehanna and Sullivan counties.

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According to the CDC, the third Omicron derivative, Known as BA.2.12.2, continued to build the ground. In some cases, at least some of the mild spikes have been blamed.

It’s close to 29% nationwide, but 32% on the Mid-Atlantic.

Omicron’s second derivative, BA.2, remains predominant at 68% nationwide and 65% on the Mid-Atlantic coast.

The original Omicron and its first derivatives are almost non-existent.

Nationally, the 7-day average of cases has more than doubled since it bottomed out after the first Omicron Blitz.

According to the CDC, the average for the last 7 days is 54,696... The average for the seven days of March 29, 2022, was 24,843.

The current 7-day average is only 7% of the same average at the height of the Omicron surge.

In Pennsylvania as a whole, similar double cases have been seen in the last five weeks.

Since so many people have already had Omicron or have been vaccinated recently, some researchers believe that any surge is short-lived.

It was also revealed that the actual number of suffering from Omicron earlier this year could have been 10 times higher than official statistics.

An unknown factor continues to be the number of people testing at home who have not reported results.

last week, In addition, a new Omicron subvariant has emerged in South Africa, causing astonishment among medical professionals around the world...


Saturday Berks County Update Pennsylvania Health Department COVID-19 Daily Dashboard And that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention County Tracker The following statistics were obtained for Burks until Friday:

54: 54: New cases and reinfection

102,945: Pandemic total

40: 7-day case average

36: 14-day case average

1,594: Pandemic death, state

1,454: Pandemic death, coroner

15: hospitalization

1: ICU count

11: COVID hospitalization last week

245,663: Fully vaccinated individuals.

112,899: Given booster

8,584: Second booster given

6.28%: Daily positive rate

low: Community risk level

429,000: Burks population

Pay attention to:

• • Reading Eagle The state tracks the second booster individually, and the CDC does not, so we switched to using Pennsylvania numbers for vaccination. The total number of fully vaccinated CDC counts is Pa. It is about 10,000 more than the count of. This is an early vaccination drive at a nursing home that is directly supervised by the federal government. This is because it was not registered in the count. In either count, vaccinated people who died for any reason are not deducted from the vaccinated rolls.

• The number of COVID infections in Burks more than doubled to 15 per day, as shown on the Pennsylvania dashboard. However, about five weeks ago, there was a week to report the error to the top of the number of hospitalized Burks, and it is unclear if 15 is accurate.

Berks County COVID Dashboard

Barks below Pa overall in COVID case metrics

Source link Barks below Pa overall in COVID case metrics

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