Banning Chester County Lawyers Charged for Misappropriating Nearly $ 1 Million | Local News

Westchester — A banned Chester County lawyer was arrested after authorities claimed that they had misappropriated nearly $ 1 million in income from the sale of a home by a divorced couple.

Thomas K. Schindler was arrested for theft, counterfeiting, criminal use of communications equipment, and related crimes. He was indicted on June 16, 2021 by Magisterial District Judge Tartaglio. Bail is set at $ 25,000 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 23, 2021. Schindler’s investigation was led by the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and the Easttown Township Police Department.

“The defendant abused his position of trust and used as late a tactic as possible to hide his illegal financial activity from these victims,” ​​said DA Debrian. Stated. “He will be held liable for his greed and all the money he stole. No one is beyond the law.”

David Obzud, Chief of the Easttown Township Police Department, said: In very complex cases, we needed everyone’s help to reach this point. “

Authorities said in August 2018 that couples in the process of divorce earned from the sale of their homes to Schindler Law Group LLC. He said he agreed to be held in an interest-bearing account managed by. Petitioner. When the house was sold in March 2020, $ 991,405 was transferred to the Keybank account in the name of Schindler’s legal affairs. Neither petitioner received money during the next seven months until November 2020, despite repeated requests for money from Sindler.

Sindler was subsequently banned from legal affairs by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in July 2020 due to an unrelated case. After abstention, neither petitioner was able to contact Sindler about the nearly $ 1 million that Sindler owes to them.

On October 19, 2020, a judge in the Common Pleas Court granted the petitioner’s urgent petition and demanded that all money from the house’s proceeds be transferred to the Petcairn Trust Company account shared by the petitioner. On November 20, 2020, the petitioner contacted Easttown Township Police after the remittance was not made.

That same day, a representative of the Pitkairn Trust notified plaintiffs that $ 25,000 had been remitted from Franklin Mint’s Federal Credit Union Sindler’s account. Over the next three weeks, an additional $ 225,000 was transferred to the claimant’s account. None of the $ 250,000 transfers came from KeyBank accounts, which are legally required to hold money.

During the investigation, law enforcement agencies found a series of deposits, withdrawals, and remittances to and from Keybank’s Sindler account, including a $ 991,628 deposit to the Sindler Low Group LLC account in March 2020. did. Major bank accounts held by Schindler Law Group LLC and Waterbury Kitchen and Bath LLC. Here, Schindler and another partner are co-signers of both accounts.

The Sindler Low Group LLC account was closed in June 2020 and the remaining $ 352,564 was transferred to the account in the name of Sindler. The account was then closed in July 2020 and transferred to another KeyBank account. No money has been transferred to the claimant’s Pitkairn Trust account.

On March 8, 2021, Sindler’s PNC account transferred $ 170,000 to the Pit Cairn Trust account. To date, Schindler has been unable to remit more than $ 570,000 to plaintiffs.

Judge William, Deputy District Attorney, is an assigned prosecutor. If you have information about this case, please call Detective Andrew Tritz (610-341-9780) or Detective Keith Cowdright (610-344-6866).

Banning Chester County Lawyers Charged for Misappropriating Nearly $ 1 Million | Local News

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