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Bad weather in Wisconsin causes widespread damage | Nationwide

Milwaukee (AP) — A heavy thunderstorm caused widespread damage throughout Wisconsin, powering out tens of thousands and issuing tornado warnings.

Stormy weather stretched from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan and began Wednesday night in northwestern Wisconsin. By 2:00 am on Thursday, numerous tornado alerts around the state had expired.

The National Meteorological Service dispatched two crew members on Thursday to investigate damage to the Jefferson County community in southeastern Wisconsin and the Walkisha County Village in Wales. There, a storm overthrew a farm building, leaving a path for destruction. I saw cows grazing in the debris that landed on the farmland.

Governor Tony Evers has signed a state of emergency in Wisconsin. Evers’ orders direct state agencies to help those affected by the storm. You can also activate the Wisconsin National Guard to support local government recovery efforts.

Sullivan meteorologist Denny Van Cleve said it was likely that the tornado, or perhaps two, caused widespread damage.

The weather agency on Wednesday warned that the stormy weather that hits the upper states of the Midwest could include strong hurricane winds and tornadoes, which could lead to derecho. This is a rare type of storm often referred to as an inland hurricane.

“It was close, if not Derecho,” Van Cleeve said. “We need more than 240 mph of wind damage and gusts of 58 mph for most of that length.”

A decision will be made later on whether the storm can be classified as a derecho, Van Cleeve said.

The utility crew has worked to restore service to thousands of electricity customers. According to the US tracking website PowerOutage, power was knocked out to approximately 90,000 customers across Wisconsin.

The tornado alert began in Wausau and was finally issued to the Wausau, Jefferson, and Milwalky counties around 1 am on Thursday.

The National Weather Service kept almost the entire state of Wisconsin under heavy thunderstorm surveillance until Thursday at 2:00 am.

According to the Meteorological Agency, a gust of 70 mph was reported on Wednesday at 8:40 pm in Merrill, Lincoln County. In Merrill, numerous trees and power lines were reported.

According to the Meteorological Agency, a gust of 78 mph was reported in Weston, Marathon County at 9 pm. Category 1 hurricanes require a sustained wind of 74 mph.

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Bad weather in Wisconsin causes widespread damage | Nationwide

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