Baby snowboarder unveiled at ski resort |

Somerset, PA () — A little Boone Bowman while many one-year-olds are learning how to walk Seven Springs Ski Resort.. Yes, I’m a baby snowboarder!

Boon’s mom, Abbey Way I work at a ski resort as a social media manager. She sometimes says she sees young children getting off to an early start when it comes to learning skiing and snowboarding. When her son was one year old, she knew it was something she wanted to try with him. When Boone was born, I had him already in my head around that age, so we take him out and take him to snowboard. And he loved it, “says Abbey.

“I think starting him early is like getting used to getting used to putting on gear. This is sometimes the hardest part. When we come here, he just prepares. I think it’s really the hardest part because I’m doing it. It’s fun, “says Mom, Abbey Way.

Abby says his son was born, but he actually started learning at home. “We told him Burton I started at home because it’s a snowboard with a special cover that you can learn first at home. All he had to do was put this cover on his snowboard and pull it around the house and he liked it. We came here at Seven Springs and he tried snow for the first time in nature, “says Way.

And those who see little guys can’t completely believe their eyes …

Jazz Minetowns, a snowboarder in Pickerington, Ohio, said: !! !! Honestly I don’t know what to think, my heart was blown away, I got off only once. I can’t really understand how he does it for himself … it’s incredible. Towns is visiting Seven Springs for the first time and says she would have had a better time if her parents taught her snowboarding at that age. “He has never fallen. I’ve been standing on the ground since I came out honestly here … Mom and Dad if you’re listening-you should have done that,” Towns said. Says.

Harry Friedman, a skier in Chesapeake, Virginia, says he learned to ski at the age of 18. If you look at them and they fall, there seems to be no fear at all, and other things are also so low in their height that if they return, they are already in their ass Masu, that is, it’s just cool. Then they got up and it’s like nothing you know happened? “

And that’s true, when you’re so small, you get closer to the ground, and if you fall, you’re well bundled.

“He loves to be outside. He has loved to play outside since we were little babies when we went out for a walk. We want to go out, whether it’s cold or rainy. He loves snowboarding. I think he loves that sense of freedom. Whether it’s a child seat or a stroller, he likes to do his own thing and run fast, so he likes to be restrained. It wasn’t, “says Way.

Baby snowboarder unveiled at ski resort |

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