Avs bring it to life when celebrating the title of the cup

Denver — Nathan McKinnon is now able to jump off the fire truck, walk down the street and shake hands with a swarm of avalanche fans.

After that, Eric Johnson went up to the stage and invited the audience to participate in a huge song to the national anthem “All the Small Things” adopted by the team at Blink 182.

From “A” (alcohol, heavy alcohol) to “Z” (Zamboni drivers are on the road), the parade on Thursday to celebrate the title of the Colorado Stanley Cup is all a little bit. Provided.

This includes a dog wearing avalanche gear, a young defense temporarily confused for fans by guards, a crowd chanting “We Got The Cup”, and lifting a cup secured by defeating Tampa Bay Lightning. Includes shirtless Gabriel Landescog. It was Nazem Kadori who delivered the line of the day on stage as it rained and thunder rang.

“Thunder? Thunder? It doesn’t matter. We’re coming with Avalanche, Baby,” Kadori exclaimed. Kadori’s team defeated two defending champions Lightning in six games for the franchise’s third Stanley Cup title.

Kadori tried to taste the moment. This may have been his farewell party. As an unlimited free agent, he doesn’t know if he will wear an avalanche jersey next season. Later conversation.

“We will celebrate for a while,” Kadori said. “We’re going to enjoy it. Things like this don’t come out very often, so we need to make sure we absorb everything.”

Byram did. The 21-year-old greeted his fans and ran around the streets like a kid at a candy store. He was also mistaken for a fan himself and he rejoined the parade before the crowd pointed out that he was a player.

The parade was over and the speech was given at Civic Center Park’s Burgundy and the Blue Sea.

“I can’t even see towards the end,” Kadori commented.

That’s what happens when the team wins the cup for the first time in 21 years.

“It just shows the splendor of Denver’s sports city,” Byram said. “can’t believe it.”

The parade also honored NCAA Champion Denver University Hockey Team, National Preparatory Title-winning Denver East High School Team, and National Lacrosse League Champion Colorado Mammoth.

Before the festival was booming, a band of Big Head Todd and Monsters entertained the crowd. There were also some renditions of “All the Small Things,” including a version started by Johnson. Avalanche fans will adopt this song and sing along with it in the third season.

One of the moving moments was Randeskog walking down the street hand in hand with his daughter. He then took off his shirt and put on the Swedish flag on stage.

Mikko Lantanen spent a spectacular time in a fire truck, dancing, posing and drinking shoes.

“After the parade, I lost my ability to speak English,” Lantanen jokingly said.

Beer flowed freely along the parade route. In another beer note, this was also a debut. A limited edition Coors Light made from ice shavings in the Ball Arena where Avalanche skated during the title run.

Avalanche was certainly icy when I went 16-4 in the postseason. It seems far from the 2016-17 season when they ended up with a low 48 points.

Come to think of it, McKinnon in the final postseason lamented that he couldn’t win anything following the third straight exit in the second round.

“I finally won something in the ninth year,” McKinnon cracked.

One of the biggest cheers was General Manager Joe Sakick, who was inducted into the Avalanche Hall of Fame.

One of the more emotional speeches came from mediocre coach Jared Bednar, who was in awe of the sacrifices the team made to win the title. Like Valerie Nichushkin, who was in a wheelchair on Thursday.

Some players still had playoff beards (see McKinnon, Landeskog, Lantanen). Others have removed them.

“I couldn’t wait,” Kadori said. “I had an itch.”

Kadori wore a bucket hat and a witty shirt with the words “Too many men” on the front. This was a reference to Lightning, who thought that there were too many players on the ice in Avalanche when Kadori won the overtime winner in Game 4.

During the parade, Cale Makar was still playing. A young defense who won the Corn Smyth Trophy as a postseason MVP caught a stuffed animal thrown at him in a fire truck and put it in his award.

But his speech produced a really big applause. When it rained, Macar went up to the stage and shouted, “No one is raining in today’s parade!”

Avs bring it to life when celebrating the title of the cup

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