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Avondale’s Tick Tock Early Learning Center celebrates the completion of a $ 1 million refurbishment project – Daily Local

AVONDALE — This week, the Tick Tock Early Learning Center in Avondale celebrated the completion of the $ 1 million Building Brighter Futures Capital Campaign.

Sally Lighty, the founder of Tick Tock, has been committed to Tick Tock since its opening in 1964 and cut the ribbon on Wednesday in front of staff, students, councilors and donors, including campaign chair Cecilia Ross. The ceremony was attended by West Bradford’s D-158th Christina Sappei State Assembly member. Aiming to be reelected against Republican Leon Spencer, Sappei advocates quality early childhood education and care at an accessible and affordable price.

Patrick Manahan, Chairman of the Board, said: “When I joined the board, the idea of ​​a $ 1 million capital campaign seemed impossible. The early conversation revolved around the potential inevitability of relocation, not refurbishment. The structural needs of our buildings, playgrounds, and physical plants rapidly outweighed our ability to conquer them, but no one can bear the idea of ​​giving up our place. was.”

In 2016, the team took the plunge and launched the Building Brighter Futures campaign with the ambitious goal of refurbishing buildings, overcoming floodplains, updating utilities, adding space and increasing student capacity.

The refurbishment included a $ 250,00 kitchen overhaul and expansion, including the installation of commercial-grade appliances and the expansion of the stainless steel preparation area. With these enhancements, the center can serve homemade meals with fresh ingredients daily for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon treats.

Kirstan Dolinger, Executive Director of TTELC, said: Many children are experiencing food insecurity and are able to provide a balanced diet. For some, this is the only food they may get that day. Many of our families receive weekly food donations from local cupboards and receive support from local churches during their holidays. “

The campaign allowed the center to modernize its building system by updating infrastructure such as plumbing, HVAC, electricity and sewerage systems. These updates reduce the need for emergency repairs and improve effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

Construction included permanent walls, separate entrances and exits, and classroom separation with additional toilets.

Operations Director Susan K. Czerwin said: Playground access ramps allow the youngest toddlers to move safely. “

Other upgrades include a dedicated learning space for school-age students to complete their homework, a private room for traveling teachers to provide one-on-one treatment and intervention, and a separate space for parent-teacher meetings. A new classroom with ADA toilets and child care management software to meet important curriculum needs, including curriculum preparation, staff lounges, and centralized storage lofts.

The campaign also allowed the center to strengthen its operating reserves to mitigate cash flow fluctuations and unexpected difficulties.

Project leadership donors include Ann and Steve Hatton, Ann and Michael Moran, Moorehead Family Fund, Davenport Family Foundation, Longwood Foundation, McLean Contribution, Marshall Reynolds Foundation, Springbank Foundation, Welfare Foundation, Crystal Trust, Hamilton Charitable Trust. It is included.

Wayne Simpson Architects Wayne and Colleen Simpson have fully donated architectural and interior design services to the center’s refurbishment and expansion projects. Additional construction support was partially provided by Oliver Heating and Cooling.

Czerwin said: “Oliver’s team minimized noise, especially during student naps. They were able to work on weekends as needed and keep the center open throughout the project. “

Penn Security has designed and installed the center’s state-of-the-art fire protection and security system to ensure student safety.

Manahan further said: “These refurbishments were completed shortly before the pandemic began. At these uncertain times, additional capacity, additional space, dedicated teacher space, and the ancillary benefits of investing in technology to students. Immediately realized. In particular, the center became a safe haven for school-age students who were suddenly forced into a virtual environment without proper resources and supervision. Tick Tock extended his arms to this group. We’ve got the latest information from scholars so that parents can continue to work. I can’t think of any more examples of “fulfilling our mission.” This campaign has made it possible. “

“When we meet as a community to support such a special place, the special people who fulfill this important mission every day are not just verifications. It is our loud and very public affirmation. A collective belief in the place, the work we do, and the people who make TickTok shine. “

Avondale’s Tick Tock Early Learning Center celebrates the completion of a $ 1 million refurbishment project – Daily Local

Source link Avondale’s Tick Tock Early Learning Center celebrates the completion of a $ 1 million refurbishment project – Daily Local

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