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Give Sophia a hook

question: I have never written to you, but I have a question.Am I the only one involved in my behavior? Sofia Vergara on America’s Got Talent?? If someone disagrees with her, she begins a discussion. It happened several times. One day, when one of her favorites didn’t win, she turned to the audience and said, “What’s wrong with you?” This is a contest and people can vote as they please. I don’t think you should comment to the audience. It tastes bad. It’s also a family show and the dress must be appropriate. — — Raemath

Matt Lausch: I’m sure you’re not alone, but there’s no doubt that Sofia is acting and dressing up as the producers expect and expect. (She wasn’t exactly shrinking violet Modern family Or her countless commercial appearances. This kind of enhanced behavior from the judges is what the genre wants — for example, I always had a mute button at hand. So you think you can danceMary Murphy (I enjoyed it the other way around) screamed. Similarly, they expect judges to overreact when one of their favorites does not pass. Why do you take it personally?But this discussion gives the reason, at a very rare opportunity for me to tune. talent Already, I will speed up the judges’ comments. They are absolutely my most disliked aspect of the show.

teeth talentIs the production value of?

question: America’s Got Talent I’m completely crazy. My family and friends always saw it and had a good time talking for the next few days. Now the debate usually either stops watching or continues it (thanks to God for fast-forwarding!) Or hopes it will improve. It has become the way, waaaaaay has been overproduced. The lighting and constant movement of production sets like Las Vegas is unpleasant and distracts performers themselves who haven’t reached the level of the previous year.This is bad enough, but then to hear Simon Cowell It’s unbelievable at best to say that the compliments ooze out and it’s the best I’ve ever done to appear in a show. What happened to the real (?) Simon of sudden honesty in the performance assessment? So far, only the joy of seeing Sophia has been looking at us, but unless something changes, this will be the last season for many of us. — — Iris G

Matt Lausch: I’ve always found it, but I can’t really oppose this talent It’s ridiculously overproduced, which is consistent with the fact that all of these acts are jousting shots on stage in Las Vegas, unlike playing off Broadway. I felt that. If they are overwhelmed by the bells and whistles, they are probably in the wrong show.And I miss Simon again American idol.. They had him (and others) drain the spleen when sharing some of the worst of the audition rounds, but at the show that introduced him to the Americans, some legitimately difficult and candid truths. I’m sick of seeing him squirt into the performances he might have won in the audience. But they are a very different world, IdolIt’s not what it used to be.

Give the children their own talent show

question: My wife and i saw America’s Got Talent From the beginning. Why don’t producers probably hold shows for kids up to the age of 17? — — Barry G

Matt Lausch: I think you mean spin-off that’s all For children under a certain age.But that’s not one of the attractions (if it’s a term) America’s Got TalentCan anyone participate, regardless of age? When it comes to adorable novelty acts, children often feel that they have an almost unfair advantage, and a significant number of young performers have won the season. Do you hate breaking dreams when young people can’t get them to the end, or feel unfair that some of the sophisticated adult behavior is performed by precocious start-ups? I don’t know from now on. In any case, I don’t think they would ruin what was a successful formula.

Give more new talent voice

question: Why “coach” voice Was it allowed to bore us with nonsense when the ideas behind the show seemed to be for the discovery of new up-and-coming talents? I want to listen to new talents and see them trying to convince us that they are still “getting it”, rather than sitting there and watching. — — Michael K

Matt Lausch: Oh, there is friction.I agree with you — well, maybe not the part so far (we’re talking) Ariana Grande, John legend, Kelly Clarkson, When Blake Shelton, After all) — Coaches regularly stage up contestants. voice Winners achieved fame level early on American idol Champions like Kelly Clarkson.But again, this is an expression that works for voice, And that prevents me from becoming a fan after the blind audition-it’s a genius part of the show, every season-their star power is the engine that spins everything else in the show. That won’t change.

Alienation due to delay

question: I and others were looking for a start date for our favorite show, Resident Alien..When received TV Guide MagazineThe problem of returning favorites on the fall calendar, I thought it should be there, Resident Alien.. What is Syfy waiting for? It was one of the most popular new shows last season. Don’t tell us they canceled it. What’s wrong? — — Simon H

Matt Lausch: relax. Resident Alien And the star to be nominated for that Emmy Award Alan Tudyk, I’ll be back, not autumn. Not all series are autumn series. This is especially true for the following short cable series: alienThe first 10 episodes of the season aired last winter. Syfy hasn’t released an official premiere date yet alienIt’s the second season of the game, but it’s quite speculative that we could come back during the same general time frame. (The “return favorites” issue is only for the months from September to late November, and there aren’t many new show premieres between Thanksgiving and New Year, but coming in January, I’m afraid Please note the winter preview.)

Status report

question: I wonder if there is a third season of Condor?? Is there anything new on that? — — Lucas

Matt Lausch: There is nothing these days. This spy thriller was one of the shows that influenced when AT & T’s audience network disappeared. Two seasons will be filmed, the second season will be officially premiered in the US on Epix starting November 7th (the first season will air in March). The third season hasn’t been mentioned yet, and there are already two.A few years after the second season was filmed, it seems like a great opportunity Condor What you have for a comeback is when Epix is ​​happy with the performance enough to bring it back into play. I don’t think there are many chances, but since MGM (running Epix) was the producer and distributor of the show, miracles may happen.

question: What happened Song Grand?? Will you be back? My family and I really enjoyed it. — — Dean

Matt Lausch: This stunning songwriting contest, aired on NBC in the summer of 2019 and the spring of 2020, should be considered inactive as it is no longer posted on the NBC press website. But, like many series in real space, as far as I know, it wasn’t officially canceled either. So there is always the possibility that we will meet again someday. I hope so anyway.

question: When will the new episode of Jesse Stone Do you appear on TV? — — George M

Matt Lausch: They will have to do it first. This is a deep-rooted question, Tom Selleck He has repeatedly said he wants to write and shoot another franchise film during his break Blue blood, It hasn’t happened yet. For 10NSJesse Stone Once the film is produced, it could be aired on one of the ninth and so far last Hallmark channels in the series that began on CBS in 2005, when the broadcast network was still airing television films. There is sex.

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Ask Matt: Judging Reality Show Jury | Entertainment News

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