Ashley Judd is walking again after a horrific fall | Celebrity

Ashley Judd started walking again after a horrific fall in February.

The 53-year-old actress smashed her leg when she stumbled on a tree in the Democratic Republic of the Congo earlier this year and provided updates on Instagram on Sunday (01.08.21) revealing that she was back. .. Feet.

And not only was she able to start walking again, but she decided to go hiking to test how her feet deal with “uneven surfaces”.

She writes with a series of photos and videos recording her progress: What a fashion! Hike at #SwissNationalPark

“When I stepped in, I felt in my mind my natural clothing, my comfort. My feet and feet worked beautifully. I was confident in the uneven road surface. I climbed for an hour and got off politely and easily. I rested for hours on God’s fertile earth meadows.

“The next day I walked again in the high Alps of #Ticino, worked hard and felt how much stamina had to be rebuilt. This is the way forward. But I put firewood in our highs. I carry it to a mountain lodge, so I work every day! (Sic) “

Ashley further thanked the medical team for repairing the injury and said he was surprised to be able to move his legs much faster than the doctor expected.

She added: “The video of my legs moving is unheard of. We expected my legs to start moving in a year, if any. In the four months to that day, she was all of us. Well, after crying trying to spell ABC with a paralyzed leg … (sic) “

The “double crisis” star admitted that her legs would “never be the same” after she fell, but she is excited about the “great life” in front of her.

She writes: She has new legs. And I love her. We are friends. We have come a long way, and we are living a wonderful life.

“Many of you have prayed for me and sent me notes. Thank you. I felt you. I am especially embraced by my family and my partner. Peace is you With. (Sic) “

Ashley Judd is walking again after a horrific fall | Celebrity

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