Asher’s daughter first said Dada | Celebrity

The first word of Asher’s baby daughter was “Dada”.

A 42-year-old singer with 13-year-old Usher V, 12-year-old Naviid and ex-wife Tameka Foster, 9-month-old sovereign and girlfriend Jen Goycoche, praised his little girl as “joy.” “He receives it every morning and thinks it’s” cool “that Tot is slowly learning some important sounds.

He said: “Sovereign Bo is almost alone. She’s nine months old, yeah.

“Her first word was’Dada’. That’s the coolest … and the coolest thing happened on Mother’s Day, she said.

“She is the joy I receive from waking up every morning.”

Jen is pregnant with the couple’s second child, but while waiting for the baby to be born, Asher enjoys “the little girl I have and the knucklehead boy I have” ..

“Yeah!” Hit Maker and his partner revealed in an interview about family expansion that he was expecting another baby at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards in May shortly after he played shy. did.

However, Asher argued that he was only trying to “protect and be sensitive” to his family because he did not choose to live a public life.

He told “Entertainment Tonight”:

“They didn’t give up on their anonymity, so I’ll do my best to be protective and sensitive.

“That’s the moment we were waiting to reveal. I wasn’t keeping anything away from you because you’ll know in the end. The baby has to leave. “

Asher began his stay in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace Colosseum on Friday (16.07.21) and was “overwhelmed” to return to stage surrounded by his family after a long absence due to a coronavirus pandemic. I admitted that.

He states: “I was really overwhelmed. One was looking at the audience to meet the fans, but to take the actual family here, my mother was at home and the kids were there. , The agent was there, the manager was the old and new accountants, lawyers, all the people who have participated in this incredible transition process … and I said, “Man, we got it done. , We are open again. “

“I think this pandemic really cherished the things and people around us and gave us the opportunity to see each other. That was what I felt at that moment.

“I felt a celebration, and I was the soundtrack for that celebration.”

Asher’s daughter first said Dada | Celebrity

Source link Asher’s daughter first said Dada | Celebrity

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