Artist turns South Philadelphia art gallery into Bodega

Behind the gallery is a stockpile of prayer candles (Belladora) painted with religious images of Lugo’s own sly version. His distinctive style is to replace the person’s head with a teddy bear’s head. The soda machine in the corner is covered with graffiti stickers and topped with stacked rolls of toilet paper wrapped in a Lugo-designed package.

Sean Lugo designed a rapper for toilet paper and a prayer candle (Belladora) at his art gallery Bodega. (Peter Crimins / WHYY)

Lugo, who says he grew up with dyslexia, was drawn to comics as a kid because of his illustrations. One of his favorite memories of Bodega is going to New York with his father and buying comics at a convenience store.

So, in Bodega he imagined for the paradigm, one wall was filled with comic books, and the superhero on each cover was redesigned by Lugo with the head of a teddy bear.

Sean Lugo places comic books on the shelves of the Paradigm Art Gallery. Lugo bought a real cartoon with a blank cover and created his own cover design. (Peter Crimins / WHYY)

There is a life-sized wooden notch in the cat on top of a glass case filled with a candy and sticker package.

“We can’t have the real thing Bodega catSo I cut one out of the tree, “he said.

Like a real Bodega, everything here is for sale. Not at the price of Bodega, but after all, these are original works of art. Lugo was affordable. Sticker packs are $ 20 and comics are $ 200. Even cats can be obtained for $ 300.

Lugo was born from street art. Sean 9 Lugo He developed the vision of wheat-pasting teddy bear heads. This is a parody act, both a tribute to putting a teddy bear on the body of a ferocious and gorgeous comic book heroine. One of his paintings in the previous room is a woman cutting an orange with a chopping block.Represented by a woman Christina Martinez, Immigrants, chefs, and undocumented worker rights activists who run the popular South Philly Barbacoa restaurant.

The picture of the family running is a US highway sign installed along Interstate 5 on the Mexican-US border after the deaths of more than 100 pedestrians. Based on highway signs at intersections. (Peter Crimins / WHYY)

Martinez posed for Lugo. Lugo later replaced her head with a teddy bear’s head.

“”[She] She feeds hundreds of homeless people a day and has her own business as an immigrant, “Lugo said. “I wanted to catch someone who I thought was very powerful in Philadelphia.”

Artist turns South Philadelphia art gallery into Bodega

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