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Artist sues Bill Cosby for being newly released at Hotel Encounter in 1990 | Nationwide

Philadelphia (AP) —Prominent Bill Cosby accusers of a 1990 hotel room encounter in Atlantic City, New Jersey, before the state’s two-year sexual assault proceedings expired. Proceeded against the actor.

Los Angeles artist Lili Bernard told The Associated Press that she was partly urged to be released from Cosby’s recent prison. The 84-year-old Cosby has been free since June, when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction in another case for procedural reasons.

He was sentenced to a potential 10-year sentence of more than two years.

Bernard, 57, says he raped her in a hotel room after giving her medicine after Cosby promised to teach her on his top-ranked television show. She was 26 at the time.

The two-year period to file a New Jersey sexual assault proceeding, which was otherwise considered old to pursue, will end next month.

“When Bill Cosby was released, it hurt me and scared me.” Bernard told AP, “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has sent predators back on the street.”

A Pennsylvania judge classified Cosby as a sexually violent predator subject to lifelong surveillance, but when the conviction was overturned, the discovery was controversial and Cosby required reporting. Was released from.

A Cosby spokesman said that so-called “lookback” windows, such as those passed in New Jersey, violate a person’s right to due process.

“This is another attempt to abuse legal proceedings by opening locks for people who have never presented an ounce of evidence,” said spokesman Andrew Wyatt, who said Cosby was his innocence. Maintain and “These United States.”

Prosecutors in the suburbs of Philadelphia must immediately decide whether to appeal to the US Supreme Court to revoke his conviction in their proceedings.

The jury convicted Cosby of sexually assaulting him at home in January 2004 after incapacitating Andrea Constant, a sports manager at Temple University, with three blue pills. Cosby was arrested in 2015, a few days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired.

The state Supreme Court said the case should not have been brought to justice because Cosby believed he had a binding promise from a former prosecutor that he would never be prosecuted.

Cosby settled a civil lawsuit with Constant for $ 3.4 million. After being convicted, his insurance company settled a defamation proceeding filed by seven whistleblowers in Massachusetts for a private amount.

APs usually do not identify people who claim to be victims of sexual assault without the permission granted by both Constant and Bernard.

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Artist sues Bill Cosby for being newly released at Hotel Encounter in 1990 | Nationwide

Source link Artist sues Bill Cosby for being newly released at Hotel Encounter in 1990 | Nationwide

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