Are Socon Valley and Moravian Academy destined to fight for money? -morning Call

After a week of top flight competitions in the District 11 Singles Championship, the best area players will focus on playing an important role in team events.

Seeds and pairings were announced this weekend. Indeed, when the tournament begins on Monday, many expected matches will take shape.

In 2A, Moravian Academy won the top seed. Naturally it is.

Lions saw the 11-year district title streak stop when they lost to Central Catholic in the semifinals last year.

But after that disappointment, the Lions seem to have revived. The team will enter the tournament with a record of 10-2 and both defeats will be brought to the 3A opponent.

It is the Sokon Valley that is expected to challenge the Lions. The Black Panthers were the second seed with a record of 11-2, and one of those losses was a close match with the Moravian Academy.

Also, pay attention to the defending champion Central Catholic, who will appear as the sixth seed.

Defending champion Parkland won the top seed in 3A, but the road to another title is very difficult.

The Trojan is the only undefeated team remaining in District 11 and sits 15-0. Their top three singles players are solid throughout the season and their doubles team is better than any other team.

Third-seeded Liberty and fourth-seeded Freedom numbers to suit potential semi-final and final matches on Trojan horses.

No.2 Southern Lee High and No.5 Emmaus will surely challenge the top team.

The seeds for both classification and prediction are:

1. Moravian Academy

2. Sokon Valley

3. Bangor

4. Notre Dame-Green Pond

5. Lee Highton

6. Central Catholic

7. Blue Mountain

8. Bethlehem Catholic

No.3 Bangor hosts No.6 Central Catholic. The Vikings won the Moravian Academy title streak a year ago and then won the district’s crown. In addition, Central mainly plays the 3A team at the very tough East Pennsylvania conference (which explains its mediocre 9-7 record), but most of the other 2A qualifiers are playing against each other. increase.

Expect the Vikings to cause mild upset in the quarterfinals and even challenge the Socon Valley in the semifinals.

Final Prediction: 1st Moravian Academy Straddling 2nd Sokon Valley

This final is over because the teams are against it.

Lions don’t have star power, but they are generally stable from No. 1 player to No. 7. The Black Panthers, on the other hand, are strong at the top, but fall a bit (compared to Moravia anyway) towards the bottom of their lineup.

This is a 3-2 match and could be the final match on the court. It’s exciting for local tennis fans.

Other Predicted Semifinals: 4th Notre Dame-Green Pond and 6th Central Catholic

Crossovers between meetings make things a little harder to guess, but you have to assume that the Crusader’s are a favorite for Lee Highton, as well as Central for Bangor.

1. Parkland

2. Southern Lee High

3. Liberty

4. Freedom

5. Emmouth

6. Nazareth

7. Stroudsburg

8. Easton

No.4 Freedom hosts No.5 Emmaus. The Green Hornets actually won the match on April 6th 4-3, but Freedom didn’t have a top single player. With full power, patriots are upheld, but don’t count the depth that Emmouth has.

Final Prediction: 1st Parkland from 3rd Liberty

Choosing Parkland is a must for now. Trojans have not lost to their opponents in District 11 before the pandemic, and no bets can be made against them.

Meanwhile, Freedom wiped out the top three single brackets in last week’s EPC tournament. The additional appearance of Pates Top Doubles Steam makes them dangerous.

Next is Liberty. Hurricanes are basically guaranteed points at the bottom of the lineup with a solid double squad. Needless to say, this 3A bracket can be done in one of three ways.

Other Predictive Semifinalists:

No.2 Southern Lee High and No.4 Freedom

Spartans should work well against Stroudsburg due to their depth. The Mountaineers will definitely score one or two points in a single.

Pates must be obtained by Emmaus. Again, don’t be surprised that Patriot will be in the finals and probably in the championship. Supported by district singles champion Noah Potts, Freedom is currently playing the best tennis.

(Upper seed host)

Class 2A

1-Moravia Academy vs. 8-Bethlehem Catholic, 4 pm. 4-Notre Dame-Green Pond vs. 5th Lee Highton, 2:45 pm. 3-Bangor vs. 6-Central Catholic, 3:00 pm. 2-Sokon Valley vs 7-Blue Mountain, 3:45 pm


Tuesday (winner of the quarterfinals in the top seeds)


Thursday (Lehigh University Semifinal Winner)

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Class 3A

1-Parkland vs. 8-Easton, 3:00 pm. 4-Freedom vs. 5-Emmus, 3:00 pm. 3-Freedom vs. 6-Nazareth, 3:30 pm; 2-Southern Lee High vs. 7-Stroudsburg, 3:00 pm


Tuesday (winner of the quarterfinals in the top seeds)


Thursday (Lehigh University Semifinal Winner)

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Are Socon Valley and Moravian Academy destined to fight for money? -morning Call

Source link Are Socon Valley and Moravian Academy destined to fight for money? -morning Call

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