April 14-April 17: What to do in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey

The Jewish Passover is celebrated in many parts of the Philadelphia region.You can find a list of Local Passover event here..Jewish deli Schlesinger’s We offer a 3-course Passover dinner.Take-out meals carefully selected by the chef Garces Trading Company Until the end of the Passover festival.And if you are a graduate student or a young expert, you can attend Annual Passover Cedar On the University of Pennsylvania campus, you don’t have to be a student.

  • what: Passover Festival
  • Where: Various places
  • when: Friday, April 15 – Saturday, April 23
  • How much: Free, various prices
(St. Louis Symphony Orchestra)

Violinist, educator, concertmaster St. Louis Symphony Orchestra 26 years David Halen One of the top musicians in classical music.He is coming to University of Delaware With cellist Estelle Choi, Master player and pianist at the University of Delaware Angela Draghicescu When Mark RiveshitsAnd the violinist Elias Goldstein When Shoko.. During the visit, Halen will also teach UD violin students a master class. She will introduce her “Listen to Bob” series at the concert. Dr. Robert Greenberg Provides live commentary and information scattered during the performance. Concerts can be face-to-face or via live streams.

  • what: Hybrid concert
  • Where: University of Delaware Goari Recital Hall, 110 Orchard Road Newark, Delaware, Live Stream
  • when: Saturday, April 16th, 3:00 pm
  • How much: Free, with registration

This “minicomputer” event in South Jersey attracts fans of games, anime, cosplay, toys and more. Called “Otaku Celebration,” the organizers are characterized as “a place to celebrate otaku interests.”Cosplay contests, kite flying, open board game tables, and Anthony Parisi and sidecar When John Magill and those who don’t have..

  • what: Events for lovers
  • Where: Gateway area high school, 775 Tanyard Road Woodbury, NJ
  • when: Saturday, April 16th, 10am to 5pm
  • How much: $ 10 – $ 21
(Philadelphia Zoo)

Hindu celebration Holy This means the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil, which you may have heard or seen before. This includes food, music, public delight, and throwing galals and colored powder. It starts in India, but the festival is celebrated in Philadelphia this weekend. Among the preparation tips – if you have sensitive eyes, wear sunglasses to moisturize the colored powder so that it is easier to wash off.

  • what: Cultural event
  • Where: Philadelphia Zoo, 3400 Girard Avenue
  • when: Saturday, April 16 Noon – 4:00 pm
  • How much: Free admission to the zoo

(Philadelphia I met)

Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, Amos Lee (born Ryan Anthony Massaro) turned from an educator to a singer-songwriter and guitarist and released his eighth album. “Dreamland” It came out earlier this year.In the light of his history, and in the wake of COVID, Lee was on tour Nominated from his website..

April 14-April 17: What to do in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey

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