Anthony Rizzo looks back on “some of the best years of my baseball life” at his first meeting with the Chicago Cubs since it was traded.

Anthony Rizzo never imagined that the Chicago Cubs would destroy everything so quickly.

Reso endured the Cubs rebuilding their first go-around and became the cornerstone of their way to the World Series title.But there’s a reason he’s currently wearing the New York Yankees pinstripes and was sitting in a home dugout reminiscent of the time he spent with the Cubs in front of the new team. 2-1 victory in 13 innings on Friday night..

“I didn’t expect that to happen, but it’s really hard to win in this game,” Rizzo said. “And as a player, as a coach, if you’re a bit away from the bargain and look at it from a computer perspective, why do you think the team didn’t win more on paper? Why is it frustrating? But in the field and clubhouse, I think it’s more difficult than ever in the field.

“We did everything we could do each year with what we had. Those years will be the best years of my baseball life.”

Reso believes that baseball is better when big market teams like the Cubs are always competing to win at high salaries.

“This is a completely different year than the usual standards we have created there in the last seven years,” says Rizzo.

Rizzo is looking forward to returning to Wrigley Field someday. This weekend’s series at Yankee Stadium doesn’t make Reso so emotional to play his previous team. It’s clear that Rizzo has been in the spotlight since he left Chicago when a new player was called in and discussed what it would be like to have the opportunity to impress the Cubs.He mentioned that PJ Higgins hit his first home run, Frank Schwindel’s 2021 success, and how he bounced back this year after him. Short options for minors..

Rizzo’s intimate friendship between Ian Happ and Jason Heyward helps keep up with the events with the Cubs.

“It’s fun to see it, because there are people who have been sharpened in this game for a while and they have a chance. And the chance of this game when you get older. It’s not easy to get. “

It could have been difficult to do another reconstruction 10 years after the Cubs, and apparently Reso landed in a great place with the Yankees team, who now holds the highest record in baseball.

Rizzo looked back at the Cubs’ first reconstruction timeline and remembered the feeling that the 2014 trading deadline would be the last time they would be sellers. In the off-season, the Cubs hired Joe Maddon to sign left-handed Jon Lester.

“That is, I felt far away until it wasn’t,” said Rizzo. “But for some reason, we knew it would work in 15 years, so we actually got on the roll there and got on it for years.”

This time next year, catcher Willson Contreras may be in the spotlight of Rizzo, reminiscing about the organization that defined his baseball career. Contreras’ 2022 contract status was finally settled by him on Thursday. Avoid arbitration trials By agreeing to a one-year $ 96.25 million contract.

The Cubs contacted Contreras’s agent on Wednesday about the deal. Contreras said the arbitral tribunal could have influenced him for everything that both sides would have said in the meantime, so he was pleased that they had signed the deal. increase.

“I’m really happy with the results we got,” Contreras said. “I think both sides won.

“I’m looking forward to seeing (Jed Hoyer) and thank him for everything that went well.”

No contract extension was made between the two. Contreras replied, “Who knows?” About whether the Cubs would give him the hope of having him participate in extended negotiations by initiating contact with Contreras’ agents.

“I’m not focused on it,” he said. “I’m still focused on playing the season and I’m still helping my teammates. Anyone who needs help will guide the team in the right direction and will continue to do so. “


Anthony Rizzo looks back on “some of the best years of my baseball life” at his first meeting with the Chicago Cubs since it was traded.

Source link Anthony Rizzo looks back on “some of the best years of my baseball life” at his first meeting with the Chicago Cubs since it was traded.

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