Annenberg Center Renames and Refocuses

“It was a further demonstration of the fact that our program is much larger and larger than a single building,” says Gruits. “I think that flexibility is an important part of our institution, whether we’re talking about doing things digitally during or after a pandemic.”

Penlive Arts continues to be primarily based on the traditional stage of the building and is known as the Annenberg Performing Arts Center. “Of course, the proscenium theater is a big part of the kind of presentations we give,” says Gruits.

It’s not just this name change that was announced this summer.Pennsylvania Ballet changed its name to Philadelphia Ballet.. The dance company has been based in Philadelphia for 58 years.

According to executive director Sherry Power, the name change has highlighted the company’s hometown and is coming after a year of “serious hardship” pandemics.

“It’s more important than ever that our name reflects the community we serve and embodies the true spirit of our company,” Power said. “Philadelphia is the center of everything we do. It’s not just our home, it’s our inspiration.”

Annenberg Center Renames and Refocuses

Source link Annenberg Center Renames and Refocuses

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