Animal rescue takes 57 cats found in Snyder County Storage Unit | Criminal Report

Shamokindam, Pennsylvania – At least 57 cats were rescued from the Snyder County raid situation shortly after police found them in the Monroe Township storage unit.

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Bloomsburg’s Animal Resource Center (ARC) was warned on September 21 about the status of the stockpile after volunteers saw a Facebook post from a related employee at Chamokindam’s Econo Lodge.

According to an ARC press release, the owner surrendered 15 cats on September 21st. This is because multiple cats were found in two hotel rooms with no food, water or trash cans. Volunteers discovered that the cat had been housed in a mobile truck and hotel for a week.

According to the release, the owner, a couple from Long Island in New York, claimed they were closed at Mount Carmel’s house.

When volunteers arrived at the hotel on September 21 and picked up the cats, all cats had fleas, many had upper airway infections, others had eye infections, and four became pregnant. It turned out that two young litters had already been born. And only two were spy or neutralized. According to the release, none of the cats were scrutinized. One cat had to undergo emergency surgery to remove her eyes due to a previous rupture.

ARC volunteer with one of the cats rescued from the situation of stocking in Snyder County.

In the next few days, nearly 42 more cats were recovered from the couple’s rented mobile truck and hotel. The cat was placed in a wooden box with no food or water, and instead of a trash box, it contained only a car board.

There was no more cat room in the ARC, but they turned the dog room into an emergency cat shelter. This release states that the number of ARC dogs is currently lower than normal. Since then, five cats have gone to Danville’s SPCA.

Selinsgrove’s Pennsylvania police have charged John Mutcho, 62, with a summary of animal atrocities. According to the release, it’s unclear if the couple has been guilty of previous or pending negligence in New York.

ARC cat in the box of a car rescued from Snyder County's stockpile_2021

ARC is in desperate need of funding, canned Friskies food, disinfectants, bleaching agents and paper towels, kitchen and 33 gallon trash bags, Purina Kitten Chow, Esbilac kitten milk and other cleaning agents.

Donations of these items can be dropped off Thursday through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm at ARC’s yard sales site at 2877 Skatetown Rd in Bloomsburg, to a shelter in Milville, or from ARC’s Amazon. You can buy it. wish list,

You can also donate Website, ARC booth at Bloomsburg Fair in Liberty Building, Venmo or PayPal, or ARC, PO Box 439, Bloomsburg, PA17815 by mail


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Animal rescue takes 57 cats found in Snyder County Storage Unit | Criminal Report

Source link Animal rescue takes 57 cats found in Snyder County Storage Unit | Criminal Report

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