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Angelina Jolie visits Burkina Faso as UN Special Envoy – NBC10 Philadelphia

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie visits Burkina Faso, weakened by the war, and shows solidarity with those who continue to welcome refugees despite tackling their anxieties, and the world is enough to support He said he wasn’t doing anything.

Burkina Faso has fought five years of Islamic riots related to al-Qaeda and Islamic State, killing thousands and evacuating more than one million, but accepting more than 22,000 refugees, the majority of Mari. Is.

“The truth is to address for years some of the humanitarian aid needed to provide basic assistance to allow refugees to return home or to assist host countries like Burkina Faso. It means that we are not doing half of what we can and should do, “protection,” said Jolly.

As a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jolly completed a two-day visit to celebrate World Refugee Day at the Gudubo Refugee Camp in Burkina Faso on Sunday. She spoke with Mali refugees in the camp and internally displaced persons in the northern and Sahel regions of the center, which had been hit hard in the country.

Marian began fleeing to Burkina Faso in 2012 after the Islamic rebellion disrupted their lives. There, French-led military intervention was needed to regain power in some major towns. Since then, combat has spread across borders to Burkina Faso, causing the world’s fastest-growing evacuation crisis. Last month, Burkina Faso experienced the deadliest attack of years, killing at least 132 civilians and evacuating thousands in the village of Solhan, Yaga, Sahel.

The increase in attacks is expanding the United Nations’ ability to respond to refugees and refugees in the country. “The level of funding for the response is very low and more people are being forced to flee … the gap is widening,” UNHCR representative of Burkina Faso Abdullauhugunon Conde told AP. It was.

Attacks have also exacerbated the problem for refugees who have come to the country in search of security.

“We insisted on staying (in Burkina Faso), but (but) we stay in fear. It’s too scary,” said Faddimata Muhammad Ali Wallet, a Mali refugee living in the camp. It was. “Today, no country is free of problems. This (terrorism) problem covers all of Africa,” she said.


Mednick reported from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Angelina Jolie visits Burkina Faso as UN Special Envoy – NBC10 Philadelphia

Source link Angelina Jolie visits Burkina Faso as UN Special Envoy – NBC10 Philadelphia

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