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Ravens hasn’t played the game since early January, hasn’t won the game since late November, and hasn’t beat the 2021 playoff team from mid-September. but, Thursday’s NFL 2022 Schedule Release — And the expected return of the injured starter ectenia — Wishing for an eternal spring in Baltimore.

Ravens will open a four-game stretch slate against AFC East opponents, ending with a heavy itinerary in AFC North, aiming to return to the postseason after the 8-9 season. During, They will face Super Bowl candidates And perennials also run. They play games on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and perhaps even Saturdays. They join the division where Ben Roethlisberger and Baker Mayfield are no longer in the toughest competition in Lamar Jackson in the quarterback.

Four months after the opening round of Ravens, the 2022 forecast is almost entirely speculative. But someone has to make them. Baltimore Sun reporters Children Walker and Jonas Shaffer, as well as editor CJ Doon, show how they see the team’s schedule swaying.

Who is the best team on the Ravens schedule?

Child’s Walker: Buffalo Bills looked like the best team in the league until the last few seconds of the playoff defeat to Kansas City Chiefs. And they have strengthened the roster since its greatest classic ever. They have a dangerous pass offense led by Josh Allen, one of the league’s top five quarterbacks, and a defense that was actually their best unit in 2021. rod.

Jonas Shaffer: It’s probably a bill. As of Friday, they had the best Super Bowl odds in the NFL. Draft Kings Sports Book, It’s even more impressive considering the AFC team’s gauntlets that are in the way of them. Buffalo should have top 5 offenses and top 5 defenses, now also Matt Araiza, also known as “Punt God”.

If Bills isn’t Ravens’ toughest opponent, then the Buccaneers are. Take a look at their depth charts and try to find obvious weaknesses. You can squint and probably find one or two. Of course, depth was a concern and became apparent when Tampa Bay was off course due to an injury last season. However, quarterback Tom Brady’s game management keeps Pass Rush away, satisfying the receiver, and the defense is definitely sound under the coordinator (and now head coach) Todd Bowles.

CJ Doon: Buccaneers. Brady is back. Wide receiver Chris Godwin, cornerback Carlton Davis, and center Ryan Jensen. After losing the starting guards Ali Marpet and Alex Cappa, Safety Jordan Whitehead, and Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh, there are some holes in the Bucks, but the wide receiver Russell Gage and Guard. You can continue this attack by adding Shakir Mason. If Brady can maintain his NFL Most Valuable level at the age of 45, this will be Ravens’ most demanding test.

Which game are you most looking forward to?

Walker: Ravens has won AFC’s top seeds since the 12th week, but in reality it started with a 10th week defeat in Miami and couldn’t protect quarterback Lamar Jackson from the dolphin blitz. Therefore, they will be eager for revenge at the home opener for the team that added wide receiver Tyreek Hill in the off-season. Do Ravens do pass blocking in turn? Would you like to trample the dolphins and show off the reclaimed Mojo, just as you would when you started the 2019 season? The importance of what happens in the second week should not be exaggerated, but this tells us a few things.

Schaffer: Ravens vs. Bengals in “Sunday Night Football”. Recent history suggests that the fifth week of the game in Baltimore is uncompetitive and nothing drives an explosive story. But who is being blown away? Last year, Cincinnati scored a total of 44 points in two meetings. Ravens won more than 24 points in the previous three games. If you finally get a competitive game, that works too. Sign up for a deal between Jackson and Joe Burrow. No matter how it unfolds, the winner may emerge as a favorite to win the AFC North area.

let’s try it: Invoice at Ravens for the 4th week. Jackson vs. Allen speaks for itself, but I would like to know how Ravens’ defense deals with Buffalo’s playmaker. It is early in the season that cornerbacks Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters may not be able to speed up completely after being injured. This means that wide receivers Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis and Jamison Crowder may be available. Ravens will need a pass rush and a secondary to improve this season to compete with AFC’s top teams, and this will be the first big test.

What is a trap game where Ravens can’t look back on the past?

Walker: Ravens play a lot of difficult games from mid-September to the first weekend of November. One opponent that looks like a pushover with that stretch? New York Giants. Even after the famous draft, the Giants have a long way to go to revive one of the league’s slowest crimes. But it’s still a road trip between the split wars against Bengals and Cleveland Browns. If self-satisfaction is to attack Ravens, New Jersey will be the place.

Schaffer: How about the first game? Four months after the Ravens opening against the New York Jets, it’s unclear how many rehab starters will be available for the team. Also, will Jackson be tentative to the first meaningful action since his ankle injury, how well defensive coordinator Mike McDonald can make in-game adjustments, or Zach Wilson’s second year as Jets’ start. I don’t even know how well it will work Quarterback. If Ravens loses in the first week, they may not be supported again until the sixth week.

let’s try it: At Jackson Building in the 12th week. After this match, the Ravens will host quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Denver Broncos to embark on four AFC North matches that will determine the season in five weeks. Do you think they may be looking ahead? Ravens has a clear advantage on paper, but edger rusher Travon Walker and inside linebacker Devin Lloyd responded to the first round’s bill, and quarterback Trevor Lawrence won the Super Bowl coach Doug Pederson. I took a big step below in my second year. There is no Gimi.

Which individual match are you most looking forward to?

Walker: There’s a lot of fun in the schedule with Allen, Brady, and the immigrated Russell Wilson, but the answer must be Jackson vs. Burrow. And it’s really Barrow vs. Ravens pass defense. Cincinnati defeated Ravens last year with a total score of 82-38, and Barrow threw 941 yards in two games. Quarterbacks have never eliminated Ravens so thoroughly in a season, resulting in Bengals winning AFC North. Can Ravens turn the tide with a new defense coordinator and an enhanced secondary? Can Jackson regain supremacy in the division’s quarterback this time? If they don’t come up with Burrow’s answer, they can exist for a long decade.

Schaffer: Few field matchups are as fun to imagine as Brady in Tampa Bay vs. Kyle Hamilton in the Ravens. Brady, 44, will be more than twice as old as Hamilton, 21, when she meets in the eighth week. Rookie Safety from Notre Dame will start up to seven NFL games. The Blades have won seven Super Bowls. The best quarterback Hamilton faced last year may have been Cincinnati’s Desmond Rider, a third round draft topic. Brady saw everything and studied everyone. Hamilton’s football IQ and range separate him from the safety prospects of other elites. Brady and Tampa Bay’s prolific downfield pass game tests both.

let’s try it: Jets defensive end Carl Lawson v Ravens left a tackle on Ronnie Stanley. Stanley will face a better pass rusher this season, which will be the first test of his surgically repaired left ankle since he fought the Las Vegas Raiders in the opening round of last season. If Stanley could return to his all-pro level, it would be a great sigh of relief for Ravens. This is an interesting match against what proves to be a star player, as Lawson himself is returning from a torn Achilles tendon.

What is your premature prediction in the Ravens record?

Walker: 11-6. They will be healthier and their running games and pass defense will be restored to their past strengths, so they will not be able to escape the playoffs on a half-scheduled schedule.

Schaffer: 12-5. It’s impossible to know who’s really good on the Ravens schedule, but there’s a pretty good idea about the talent to come back to Baltimore. If Jackson and Secondary return this year, they will take on business in AFC North.

let’s try it: 12-5. With the loaded AFC, Ravens has not reached its deadline. They have the seventh best Super Bowl odds at the conference, even though they have one of the best quarterbacks in the league and a young roster in ascending order.Needless to say, their schedule is the 11th easiest in the NFL Based on expected win total From the Las Vegas odds maker. Given their health, they could be AFC’s surprise top seeds.


Analyze the toughest tests and the best games on the 2022 schedule – Reading Eagle

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