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An Amazon driver was tried for road rage shooting. The judge suspends the mission of Travel Mask. 76ers roll to 2-0 playoff series lead

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Amazon driver charged with road rage shooting for trial

A former Amazon driver was tried on suspicion of an attempted murder and a road anger case in which another driver was allegedly shot in the stomach. Anthony Jones, 38, of Philadelphia, also possessed crimes and firearms that could not be carried without permission to shoot near the intersection of Springfield Road and Oak Avenue on February 27, and was assaulted. Faced with suspicion. In a brief interview last week, we spoke with a suspected victim of Magisterial District Judge Kelly A. Mikozi Aguile.

A man in Coatesville has abandoned a preliminary hearing on child pornography distribution fees

Earlier this year, a Coatesville man charged with sharing 31 images and video files of child pornography via the KIK social media application abandoned the preliminary hearing. Jeremy Broderick, 34, of 300 blocks on Walnut Street, was initially charged with 4 cases of child pornography, 50 cases of possession of child pornography, and 50 cases of criminal use of communications facilities. However, most of them have been withdrawn, and according to online court records, Broderick is currently facing one count for each claim.

The trial begins in 2018 with the murder of North Coventry Teen

A masked young man shot and killed his teenage son, a alleged drug dealer in North Coventry, during a robbery at a man’s house while trying to protect other children who were oversleeping. Who was the shooter? As the prosecution fought in the opening statement on Monday, a reader who colluded with the other three to slam a gun and rob a drug dealer and to rob him of what he was told with cash and drugs. Ricardo “Hoff” Rivera?

Upper Gwined police shoot suspects

Police are seeking public help to find the suspect in a shooting in Upper Gwined on Saturday. Police said they were looking for Damian Thomas in connection with the shootings reported at 600 blocks in Samnytown Pike around 10 am on Saturday, April 16th. It is believed to be related to a domestic case that was injured and involved some of the parties involved.

Florida Judges Invalidate US Mask Obligation on Airplanes and Other Travel

Federal judges in Florida broke the national mask obligations of planes and mass transit on Monday, and airlines and airports began quickly removing their requirement for passengers to wear face covers. The judge’s decision allowed airlines, airports, and mass transit systems to make their own decisions about mask requirements, resulting in a variety of answers. Major airlines have switched to mask option policies, with some passengers cheering when changes are announced on speakers. The Transportation Security Administration said Monday night that it would no longer enforce mask requirements, and Houston and Dallas airports abolished their obligations shortly after the announcement of the TSA.


Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers tries to overcome Fred VanVleet of the Toronto Raptors in the first half of Game 2 of the first round of NBA basketball playoff series in Philadelphia on Monday, April 18, 2022. is. (AP photo / Matt Slow Cam)

Sixers Notebook: Raptors director Nick Nurse is still dissatisfied and trying to raise the referee’s blood pressure

Nick Nurse, director of the Toronto Raptors, spent another day on Monday, suggesting that Joel Embiid was successful thanks to his eerie position, in light of other answers and time-out considerations. Wrong target. Wrong time. MVP finalists unloaded 19 of 31 points in the first quarter, winning 112-97 and leading 2-0 as the Raptors challenged to pick up physical play with Embiid on Monday. Did. Best of Seven series.

Rockies Chad Kuhl dominates Phillies 4-1

Coors Field Jitter? It’s not Chad Kuhl. He forgave the pun and was completely cool. The right-handed player, who made his first start at Coors in a Rockies jersey, beat Philadelphia 4-1 on Monday night. Cool threw 6 innings scoreless, allowed 2 hits, hit 4 and walked 1. Cool was very efficient and only 68 pitches (42 strikes) were needed to send Phillies.

Flyers employees complaining to the team about possible exposure to carcinogens

Two long-time Flyers employees who have worked together for the past 18 years have received a similar medical diagnosis claiming to have been caused by exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens from Zambonis at the Flyers Skating Zone Training Facility in Bohees. After that, he is suing the club and its ownership. Flyers Medical Services Director NJ Jim Macrosin, 64, who has been working as an athletic trainer for the club since 2000, and his assistant athletic trainer, Sallafa, 42, who joined the team in 2004, are both incurable. I was diagnosed with a blood disorder. / Or cancer between last spring and summer.


The drug war highlights the first day of the X PoNential Music Festival. (Photo by Shawn Blackville)

Stars will be on stage at the 2022 WXPNX PoNential Music Festival

From Hall of Fame to up-and-coming and the most popular act in the country, the 2022 WXPN XPoNential Music Festival lineup is sure to delight music fans in the region. The lineup was announced Monday morning by WXPN, a non-profit membership-supported radio station at the University of Pennsylvania. Subaru’s annual three-day X PoNential Music Festival will be held from September 16th to 18th at two adjacent outdoor venues on the Camden Waterfront.

An Amazon driver was tried for road rage shooting. The judge suspends the mission of Travel Mask. 76ers roll to 2-0 playoff series lead

Source link An Amazon driver was tried for road rage shooting. The judge suspends the mission of Travel Mask. 76ers roll to 2-0 playoff series lead

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