Amy Schumer suffers from trichotillomania | Celebrities

Amy Schumer suffers from trichotillomania.

A 40-year-old comedian reveals that she is suffering from a condition characterized by the urge to pull her hair, and the title character is a wig in her own struggle.

She states: “It’s called trichotillomania. I didn’t have this problem before, but now it’s not. I’m still struggling. I think everyone has a big secret. It’s me. I’m proud. My big secret is that it only hurt me, but that’s what I’ve been very embarrassed for a long time. “

Sitcom focuses on the nominal Beth, who has been exposed to a sudden incident, and is forced to confront her past through a series of flashbacks. Amy continues to explain that she thought she could do by giving her character her actual experience. She relieves her past shame and helps others suffering from this condition.

She said, “I don’t want to have a big secret anymore. Putting it in there will relieve some of my shame, and perhaps help others to relieve some of their shame. I thought it would be good. “

The actress of “I Feel Pretty” had a husband, Chris Fisher, and a two-year-old son, Jean, who also talked about her concerns that Jean might also suffer from a genetic disorder.

“Every time he touches my head, I have a heart attack,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Amy Schumer suffers from trichotillomania | Celebrities

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