American division may be intentional


Our government is responsible for the crazy invasion of illegal immigrants. Politicians who ignore the US Constitution should be absent or put in jail. What they are doing is a crime against the United States. What’s more, public schools tell parents that schools know best what values ​​their children should learn. Parents who speak bear the risk of FBI scrutiny or more.

When studying how the Communists take over the country, they begin by dividing people by all possible means, including race, religion, gender, and status. Then they use young indoctrination idealists as soldiers.

See what’s happening around us. I’m sick of the double standards of law, but Democrats certainly think it’s okay. The United States endured four years of Trump-Russian hoax organized by Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party. The FBI has accused her of destroying her subpoena email. This is the same FBI that she had a Hunter Biden laptop almost a year before the 2020 elections, but kept it a secret. It will be interesting to see how much Biden’s family corruption has been discovered and rarely reported. Perhaps the FBI would mean “counterfeiting Biden’s illegality.”

Pray for America, faith, family, and freedom.

Dottie Werner
Washington Township

American division may be intentional

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